Room 101 Essay

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Room 101

Have you ever discovered something so irritating and totally unnecessary that you have the biggest urge to just burn it out of your life completely because it does not deserve a place on earth? Well there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the three pointless, disgusting and aggravating matters that I would send to the dark isolation of Room 101 would most definitely be – Youtubers, overly obsessed One Direction fans or ‘Directioners’ and under aged people who get drunk. I would take immense joy in never having to see or hear of these abominations again in my life!

Firstly, as much as it pains me to even think about them, Youtubers. How they get so many ‘subscribers’ will be something I will never understand. What is the attraction in watching someone make videos that are supposed to be amusing but fail completely? I have a huge sense of humor but watching people flush cereal down the toilet or hitting people with soggy bread just gets old eventually. It’s just not funny. My hatred for Youtubers intensifies however, when they take it upon themselves to join every single social networking site possible just to get even more recognition than they already have.

That’s not the end though, just to make sure you can’t rid yourself of them, they start getting radio shows, columns in magazines, they bring out t-shirts, they’re everywhere you look! The best bit however, the game changer for me is that they get paid to do this. That’s right, if their YouTube channel is big enough, they are actually paid to do things like the Cinnamon challenge and drinking a gallon of coloured milk whilst getting eggs thrown at them. Personally, I think it’s just ridiculous considering it takes no talent or skill whatsoever. Just a nice face, a slight sense of humor and a good camera. Anyone could do it! I would undoubtedly send YouTubers to Room 101 and obliterate them from my life.

The second annoying matter I would love to send to Room 101 is ‘Directioners’. I should start with the fact that I don’t and never have understood why One Direction have such a large, widespread and intense fanbase. They’re just a extremely generic boyband with no originality whatsoever. They are also a product of a television show, which makes things worse. The obsessed fans that call themselves ‘Directioners’ is what I’m concentrating on. Mainly girls, they are overly obsessed to the point where it becomes slightly scary. They cover their rooms in posters, they change their surnames on social networking sites to the surnames of the boys in the band – Mrs Horan, Mrs Styles and others. Unfortunately for them, One Direction have no idea who they are and probably never will.

‘Directioners’ can get to the point where they know every single little detail about the band, their personal lives, who their girlfriends are, what they had for dinner the night before. I don’t see why you would want to know these things. Fair enough you like a band and you are a fan, but people like this irritate me so badly it gets to the point where I wish that One Direction did not have such an extreme fanbase. It gets worse when you try to talk to them and all they want to talk about is One Direction. They must lead an exceedingly boring life if all they talk about it’s a boyband. Some ‘Directioners’ even take it to extremes. For example, one girl allegedly snapped her pet Chihuahua’s neck and killed it because the band’s official Twitter did not follow her back after sending them a picture of the girl holding the dog by its neck. If that’s not a crazy obsessed fan then I don’t know what is.

The final pointless matter that I would like to eliminate is underaged people who get drunk. I’m not talking about drinking at a family occasion, I’m talking about 13 year olds standing outside McDonalds in town and getting out their face. Most of them don’t even get drunk, they take a tiny drink of something that’s barely alcoholic and start falling around like they can’t see. However on the other hand there are the few people who have been drinking for six hours straight and are absolutely out of it and they can’t handle their drink and end up bringing it all back up. I would rather enjoy my days in town rather than seeing what someone had for their breakfast that morning. Above everything else it’s just plain embarrassing for the person, their friends and everyone else around them. It’s exceptionally annoying watching people younger than myself having to be literally carried places because they’re too drunk to do anything themselves. I get second hand embarrassment for them, they’re a pet hate of mine. I would send them to Room 101 for their own sake as well as my own.

In conclusion, I would send these pointless monstrosities to Room 101 to rid myself of them forever. No more YouTubers begging for attention on Twitter, no more Directioners screaming about how Niall got a haircut and no more drunk thirteen year olds stumbling up and down Union Street looking incredibly lost. Putting these horrible things into the dark abyss which is Room 101 would definitely make the world a better place.

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