A Living Legend for All Marvel and DC Fans

That legend was Stan Lee. Sadly, Mr Syan Lee passed away two days ago. As one of the original writers for Marvel, he was responsible for creating a world for millions of people worldwide. Even DC, who was seen by some as the direct competitor to Marvel, respected the legacy that was Stan Lee. Both Marvel and DC have been hugely successful, but one of them has been significantly more successful in both the absolute high standard of their movies and the dedication of their fanbases over the years; Marvel.

Marvel released their first comic in 1939, but the company was not known as Marvel back then, in 1939 it was known as ‘Timely Publications’. The name Marvel was released in 1961.

Marvel’s first massively successful movie to be released was Iron Man in 2008, starring Robert Downey Junior as Tony Stark Iron Man opened the door for them, in terms of a film that was so loyal to the comic books of ‘Iron Man.

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’ This showed that Marvel could produce a film that wasn’t a prominent character. Marvel studio has released 10 films to date, and since 2008, has made over $7.1 billion worldwide. Every single one of their 10 films have opened at #1 their respective opening weekends. Since the release of the first Marvel film in 2008, Iron Man, it made $582 million worldwide. That film is what propelled Marvel as a serious film company and their ability to make a hugely successful film. Since then, Marvel has had immense success with their films since Iron Man.

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is stronger than ever thanks to the massive box office success of recent films of Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

There was a small bit of concern when it came to the time of release the film, as it was a risk because the company were worried that an audience wouldn’t respond to a film based on a smaller comic book character. In the end, the film did amazingly, and they have continued to create and awesome films for the past ten years. Marvel’s biggest Corkonian fan has to be first year UCC student Shaun Hartigan, who tells me that “Marvel’s my life”. Shaun, who studies Biological and Chemical Sciences, has been into Marvel since he was a young boy. His love for Marvel stems from when he watched the first Spider-man films with Tobey McGuire, “Tobey McGuire’s Spiderman really got me into it, and Fantastic Four. They really are what got me into Marvel.” These films are some of Marvel’s smaller films, but they are still vastly popular for movie fans. As much as he is a fan of Marvel, Shaun does appreciate DC for its Batman trilogy.

But, he has always been a true Marvel fan, as “It was just never really my comic you know.” Shaun believes that, in his opinion, hands down, “Marvel is far better. With their latest films, Disney, is far better than the current DC.” When asked who his favourite character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe is, he couldn’t pick just the one, so he picked his top three. He loves Spider-man, Doctor Strange and Wolverine. Out of the three, his love for Spiderman has come from when he first found Marvel. Although he has been extremely impressed by Hugh Jackman, who “has been amazing like, he is an actor who has played a superhero the longest. For seventeen years. No other actor has ever done it.” On the other side, there is DC and their own success. DC has had much success with their own films, for example; Man of Steel, the Batman trilogy by Christopher Nolan as well as the older Superman movies. Although it seems that DC has a slightly smaller fanbase than Marvel does, as with the impossibly high standards of Marvel.

DC still has an impressive standard of films produced. DC’s film Man of Steel, made a staggering a worldwide total of $668 million, making it the highest-grossing solo Superman film ever. After all, Batman and Superman are two very well-known comic-book characters across the world, as well in Ireland. Speaking to some movie fans, they revealed that there are some big differentiating opinions about who they think is better. Brian Crowley, who is a longstanding DC fan, says that he prefers Batman because they got Batman, and its “more gritty and dark.” He also thinks that Marvel can be a “bit too PG at times”. Another fan, who is more into Marvel, Micheal Slattery, says that he likes Marvel more “because the movies usually have better characters and their films are in the same universe.” In the last decade, Marvel and DC are becoming more and more popular with people, so much so that in UCC, in Cork has created the Sci-fi society solely for the people who are fans of all things Sci-fi. The Sci-fi society gets together every Monday and Wednesday to watch movies and Tv shows.

Mondays being anything animated, mostly Anime, Japanese Anime. “On Wednesdays we tend to show live-action films, or some episodes of a television series.” Shaun has just been the representative for the past two months, as he is only a first-year student himself. Someone who is a serious DC fan, and who has been a loyal DC fan for the past 6 years, is UCC student, Barra O’Driscoll. Barra says that “comic books have always been a form of escapism for me” as he didn’t have the best experience in secondary school, and so “these comics were always kinda there for me really”. O’Driscoll, who studies Digital Humanities, says that his favourite character is Batman, because “Batman was the very first comic-book I ever read”. Barra talks about how he loves the 1989 Batman film with Micheal Keaton, even still, he says that he appreciates the newer versions of the portrayal of Batman “I like the newer films, I like Ben Affleck.” He goes on to say that he really appreciates the Batman trilogy that was directed by Christopher Nolan. It is safe to say that both Marvel and DC have had a huge impact on so many people’s lives. People would read the comics, or watch the movies and, for a little while, forget their worries. Thanks to these two corporations, the world of superheroes will be kept alive forever.

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