Revision of My Smart Goals


As we reach mid-semester, it is time to revisit SMART goals. I must restate in my initial of 5 SMART goals. It included the 3 goals for BA180, 1 goal for my career, and 1 goal for my personal life. For each goal, I review my progress up to date with explanation. I shall explain the importance for each goal. I would describe how I’m achieving my goal. I would identify success how I’m achieving my goal to date. I would rate my achievement on a 10 pt scale and explain my grade.

I would also make changes to improve my performance for each goal.

First goal for BA180

My first goal for BA180 is learning how to communicate effectively each week through written materials and oral presentations or one-on-one by the end of the semester. The importance of this goal is being able to get out of “my comfort zone” and be able to talk more within each class time. It also help improve my writing and organizational skills.

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By practicing each week, I won’t get so nervous and improve my writing skills. I won’t so scare to answer or regret what I said after talking. I will be more confident on myself and my answers. In the business world, I need to learn to communicate whether if it is through orally or written form. I was hoping by mid semester, I was able to more confident in my writing and talking. Slowly but surely, I am making my way to be able to communicate and being comfortable about it.

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It is not much for verbal communication because I still don’t have the confidence in myself to speak during class. I do sometimes speak during class and it is better than not speaking at all. I grade myself in my participation and I could still improve on it.

However, I did great for my first presentation for this class. I didn’t stutter and remember what to say. I felt confident on my topic and I was very proud of myself. I stop writing my notes for all my classes and started on typing my notes now. I found it easier and more organized to type than write. I am able to keep up with the lessons. I improve greatly with my written communication. I was able to work in my typing skills if I continue to do this for class, which is essential in the business world. I rate my achievement about 6 pts. Half of the five points are for verbal communication and the other points are for written communication. I believe that I’m doing well with my written communication because I’m able to improve my typing skill. However, I’m not doing so well with verbal communication even if I did great for my first presentation. I could still talk more in class but I couldn’t because I’m shy. I could improve my oral communication if I remind myself about this goal and it is my grade. I totally about this goal in my opinion. I believe I don’t need to make any changes for my written communication.

Second goal for BA180

My second goal for BA180 is improving my interview performance and makes a good impression to my future employer. The importance of this goal is helps me identify what I need improve on or any annoying communication quirks or habits that might distract the interviewer. By improving my interview performance, I could make a good impression of myself to the interviewer that would be me more success of getting the job. I researched advice. By researching tips and advice about interviews, I could improve for myself by be able to answer questions that might be used in an interview. I could search up about nonverbal communication that might help. By practicing interview questions, I could work on my answers. I could review the research whenever I have time. I could ask somebody to help me practice, like a family member or a friend. I will ask for their critique on my interview. When I am able to take at least 2-3 hours of time to research, review, and practice.

If I do it successfully, I could properly be hire for the job I wanted. I hope my mid-semester; I could improve my verbal communication and body language. I would also make a good impression to future employers. I am researching tips and advice about answering interview questions and it does help a lot. Sometimes I ask my dad to help me practice and I listen to this critique. I feel like my dad is more appropriate to practice interviews with because he has more experience with it. However, I only do it when my dad and I are free. I would rate my achievement by six pts. The reason why I would rate my achievement this because I could have practice and review more. I could also research more if needed to. In order to improve performance, I will change the time of researching from 2-3 to 1 hour due to time constraint. However, I will add more time for reviewing and practicing by making at least to 2-3 hours per week. I could also practice with more people besides my family, like the hr department in my work but only if they are not busy.

Third goal for BA180

My third goal for BA180 is to improving my skills on critical thinking and problem solving to help answer and solve problems at work or school. The importance of this goal is to think of creative solutions that will help impress my employers. By improving my critical thinking skills, I would become a valuable asset to any team that requires good decision-making. By practicing to solve problems anytime I’m free during the week. I answer the problems by asking the “5 W’s”. To help increase brain function by walking for 30 minutes, eat the right kind of food, and solve a problem a day. I also research tips and advice to apply it to solving problems. By improving my critical thinking skills, I could apply to real life in school, everyday needs, and work life.

It allows me to develop intellectually even after I graduate. I was hoping by mid-semester I would improve critical skills and decision making skills. I am achieving this goal by walking 30 minutes for some time to think and improve my brain function. I am also solving problems each week but not every day though. I will rate my achievement of this goal with seven pts. I do practice solving problems during my free time each week. I do try to improve my brain by walking for 30 minutes but I don’t eat the right food. I also don’t solve a problem each day because of my schedule. The changes I will make to improve performance are eating the right food, and not forcing to solve a problem each day but rather at least three problems a week.

Career goal

My career goal is to effectively network with different people by the end of this fall semester 2018. The importance of this goal is to be able to network with people so I could connect with others and help my career in the future. Networking will help improve my skill set, keep on an eye on the job market, meet mentors, partners, and clients, and gain access to resources that will help my career. I join events to become more sociable with other people.

I talk different people in my classes too. I could be more sociable and confident in real life. I will more confident in myself and talking to other people. I was hoping by mid-semester I will create and maintain five relationships. I am achieving by talking to other in my class and try to join events to create friendships. I will rate my achievement with eight points. The reason why I give myself eight points because I was only created and maintain 4 friendships. I also don’t go to many events and I don’t join organizations because conflicting schedules. The changes I will make are only joining events and organizations that doesn’t conflict my schedule and be more confident to others, especially in classes.

Personal goal

My personal goal is learning how to cook on my own and provide for myself by the end of this fall semester 2018. The importance of this goal is learning to save money and enjoy healthy foods that I always hated. I look up affordable recipes and save them for later. By finding affordable recipes, I could try to make cheap yet delicious meals for my family. I also improve my cooking skill, which is essential to provide for myself and future family. I am able to practice my independence by doing this. I was hoping by mid-semester I am able to learn four recipes. When I have time, I practice cooking the recipes I saved for my family for dinner every Saturday. Before grocery day, I research the ingredients.

After I brought the ingredients, I prep ingredients the next day. I keep the recipe or recipes in a notebook. After prepping, I practice my cooking in the kitchen. I usually taste test it first before my family eat it. I ask for their critique to see what I need to improve on. I rate my achievement with eight points. The reason why because I don’t this every week and I don’t have enough time to make the recipes. I only created two recipes in real life. The change I would make is changing my schedule like open a space in my schedule between 5-7 PM in the weekends to create the dish. I don’t need to make a new recipe every week but at least two recipes per month. If I need help, especially cutting the ingredients, I would ask my mom but only if I really need it.


In conclusion, I made some improvements in some goals that I created. For my 3 BA180 goals, I made barely made some improvement for it. The most improvement is my success in written communication. For my personal and career goal, I made some improvement to achieve those goals. I work to show more improvement to achieve this goal by changing how I would achieve it. I need to be more flexible to achieve the goals I want.

Updated: Oct 05, 2021
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