Research Of The Project Implementation Computer Science Essay

The purpose of the undertaking is to supply an on-line web-based Birthday Calendar tool. The tool will maintain path of birthdays and day of remembrances of household and friends every bit good as approaching assignments. The application will pull out information about user and user 's friend 's birthdays from societal networking apps ( for illustration Facebook ) , and dwell the calendar. Before pull outing information about user 's friends, the plan will publish the list of friends for choice, if information about some friends is unneeded, they can be easy deselected from the list.

User can input information about friends that are non in the Facebook.

Apart from reminding about birthdays and day of remembrances, the tool can be used for scheduling their assignment and meeting. User can see approaching activities and make up one's mind when and how to have qui vives, by e-mail, SMS or MMS presentments every bit good as to direct automatically recognizing with or without card and inform user by SMS or electronic mail.

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There will be available multiple type of qui vives, that 's mean that user can make up one's mind to have an e-mail and SMS. The system will let user to make up one's mind for how many yearss in front having qui vive ( choice day of the month and clip ) , the qui vive can be repeated. If user will make up one's mind to reiterate watchful so he/she can put the frequence of repeated qui vive.

The tool will include the undermentioned characteristics:


Synchronized history - login to BCT and Facebook history

Extract user 's friends birthdays from Facebook

Extract web 's members birthdays from Facebook

Prints the list of user 's friends from Facebook

Allow deselect unneeded friends

Unsynchronized history - login to BCT history merely

End users can alter their watchword

Sending forgotten watchword by SMS

Populate calendar:

birthdays - calculate age

day of remembrances



Supply different type of qui vives:


Electronic mail

E-mail and SMS

Send automatically salutations:


MMS - with card or some image

Electronic mail

Allow to pull off qui vive:

choice day of the month and clip

repetition qui vive

set frequence

Prospective users

Many people experience troubles to retrieve birthdays of people near to them or non bury about meetings or assignment that was scheduled couple yearss, hebdomads or sometimes months ago.

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It is suited for people with busy agenda. There are some other grounds because of which people do n't compliment their friends or household. They might make non hold Internet entree or they are in are that does non hold cell phone response.

Birthday Calendar Tool is really convenient to utilize for Facebook users or some other societal webs. The BCT besides can be used by organisation to track staff 's birthdays, and schedule meetings and assignments. Users require holding basic computing machine accomplishments, in order to utilize the application.

Comparison to similar systems

There are many birthday calendar applications available on Facebook. Two Facebook app that came across during research are: hypertext transfer protocol: //,

hypertext transfer protocol: // BirthdayCal and birthdayalert provide services like directing salutations card, position approaching birthday or full twelvemonth calendar. There are no SMS or MMS services available.

The system that most similar to BCT is[ two ]. The web site includes similar characteristics: importing user 's contact from Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo and AOL. It sends recognizing card to friend 's electronic mail. BirthdayAlarm does non supply SMS or MMS services. One of the other characteristics of the BirthdayAlarm is to modify the list of friends. HolidayAlarm nexus user about approaching vacations. The web site is good designed and provides appropriate links. BirthdayAlarm besides has a big list of different type of recognizing cards.

BCT application will include characteristics that are non presently available on BirthdayAlarm.

Technology for execution of the Web Application

In researching different engineerings being used to develop web applications and there are many suited development tools. Two of the most widely used engineerings that came across in the research are the.NET model and J2EE platform.

J2EE is a good option for big web applications. It being unfastened beginning is one large advantage every bit good as being portable. The Java libraries offer a huge sum of functionality for faster development.

Professionals and cons of J2EE:[ three ]



Rich API

Vertical scalability

Wide scope of seller picks

Has a proved path record


Has a complex application development environment

Lacks constitutional support for Web services criterions

Tools can be hard to useA

.NET is non an unfastened beginning or really portable but is first-class for smaller web applications. That is non to state it is non good for larger undertakings but, in this context, it is a really good pick for a smaller undertaking. Another advantage is the usage of Visual Studio which is one of the best web development tools around. The.NET model is packed with utile characteristics. While the Microsoft.NET model supports several different linguistic communications.

Professionals and cons of.NET:


Easy-to-use toolsA

Has built-in support for Web services criterions

Is tightly integrated with Microsoft 's operating system and endeavor waiter package ( some may see this a con but from an easiness of development point of position it is a pro )

Has a strong model for edifice rich graphical user interfacesA

Ocular studio


Model runs merely on Windows

New runtime substructure lacks adulthood

Can hold hapless public presentation with artworks

While there are many different engineerings available for usage in making web sites and web based applications, each with their ain advantages and disadvantages, hundred # and are the engineerings that will be most likely used to develop the web application. For the intents of this undertaking, hundred # with is preferred due to its characteristics, installations to compose clean reclaimable codification and the fact that it can be developed with Microsoft Visual Studio.

There are two different attacks of the web development are available: ASP.NET Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC.

ASP.NET Web Forms

Web Forms are based on ASP.NET. Web Forms allow making Web pages with Web signifiers that will be accessible by a Web browser. Web Forms are Web pages that serve as the user interface for a Web application. Working with Web Forms is similar to working with Windows Forms.

In Web Forms pages, the user interface scheduling is divided into two parts:

The ocular constituents, which is the design page. The Web Forms page is the ocular component. The Web Forms works as a container for the inactive HTML text and an ASP.NET waiter controls we want to expose. Using the Ocular Studio Web Forms interior decorator and ASP.NET waiter controls, we can plan the signifier merely like in any Ocular Studio application, for illustration Windows Form.

The logic is the codification behind design page. The codification is needed in order to interact with signifier. It is a separate file from the user interface file. The extension of the code-behind file is `` .aspx.vb '' ( VB ) or `` .aspx.cs '' ( C-Sharp ) .The cone-behind file can be written in Visual Basic or Visual C # .

`` The code-behind category files for all Web Forms pages in a undertaking are compiled into the undertaking dynamic-link library ( .dll ) file. The.aspx page file is besides compiled, but otherwise. The first clip a user loads the aspx page, ASP.NET automatically generates a.NET category file that represents the page, and compiles it to a 2nd.dll file. The generated category for the aspx page inherits from the code-behind category that was compiled into the undertaking.dll file. When the user requests the Web page URL, the.dll files run on the waiter and dynamically bring forth the HTML end product for your page. ''[ four ]

Diagram 2.0: Web Forms are portion of ASP.NET

Professionals and cons of ASP.NET Web Form:



Separation of Web page from application logic

Provides rich controls - observe the browser and direct out appropriate markup linguistic communication such as HTML

Data binding capablenesss

Event-based scheduling theoretical account that is familiar to Microsoft Visual BasicA® coders

Compiled codification and support for multiple linguistic communications

Allows 3rd parties to make controls that provide extra functionality

Rapid development


Tightly coupled - individual category is used both show end product and grips user input.

Unit of measurement testing is about an impossible undertaking

integrating of JavaScript model due to the appellative conventions of rendered HTML


MVC helps us to hold more farinaceous separation, so we have to see all these different degrees to be able to work with the web development and Microsoft engineering.

Pattern helps us work out jobs that come up over and over once more, thing about informations entree form, opening connexion, catching informations, informations binding or for presentation in web signifier content and codification behind.

MVC allow us to divide it out into more farinaceous degree of theoretical accounts, positions and accountants.

Diagram 3.0: Components of MVC

Model contains the nucleus information for an application. This includes the information and proof regulations every bit good as informations entree and collection logic. For illustration, in the BCT application a Friends object might recover information from a database, operate on it, and so compose updated information back to a Friends tabular array in SQL Server.

Positions are the constituents that display the application 's user interface ( UI ) . Typically, this UI is created from the theoretical account informations. An illustration would be an edit position of a Friends tabular array that displays text boxes, drop-down lists, and look into boxes based on the current province of a Friends object.

Controller interacts with the Model and Views to command the flow of information and executing of the application. In an MVC application, the position merely displays information ; the accountant grips and responds to user input and interaction. For illustration, the accountant handles query-string values, and passes these values to the theoretical account, which in bend questions the database by utilizing the values.

Some of the others presentation forms are available: MonoRail, Web object or Django. There is besides some other forms are good for web presentations: Model View Presenter or Model View View Model.

Professionals and cons of ASP.NET MVC:


Restful interface

Full control over markup

Lightweight View

Easy to keep

loose matching between input logic, concern logic and UI logic

Enable Test Driven Development ( TDD ) - makes proving easy

Parallel development

No PostBack and ViewState theoretical account ( Web is a stateless )


Difficult to change over an bing site

Large Controller classes - if used on big scale application

Choosing between ASP.NET Web Form and MVC

If you are traveling to develop Intranet application likely you need to acquire it done a small spot quicker. There is no demand for all right melody control, because it behind firewall, and it for regular employees, in this instance Web Forms might be great.

In the instance of Internet application MVC might be great, because you may necessitate to command everything on every browser.

Web Form and MVC can be used together every bit good.

Cloud calculating

Assume that the web site of your company is going more popular every twenty-four hours. The figure of web site 's users is turning up really frequent. The success can go a job, because your equipment is non able to keep the demand. You need to acquire new and powerful equipment, but it takes clip to put up new machines and keeping is really dearly-won. You besides have to pay for the services whether you use them or non.

Cloud calculating provides easy, scalable entree to calculating resources and IT services. Cloud computer science is a general term for anything that involves presenting hosted services over the Internet. There are three classs of services in cloud computer science:

Infrastructure-as-a-service[ V ]is utilizing pay-for-what-you-use theoretical account. It is referred to as public-service corporation computer science. Customers use the supplier 's application plan interface ( API ) to get down, halt, entree and configure their practical waiters and storage. In cloud calculating you can entree to computing machine power immediately when you needed. It allows client to pay for merely every bit much capacity as is needed, and convey more online every bit shortly as required.

Amazon provides IaaS called Elastic Computer Cloud or EC2. This is allows users to buy computing machine treating power online and all the footing procedure cause storage and informations transportation.

Google has besides launch similar system called Google App Engine, which permits developers to run web application on Google substructure.

Using Microsoft informations centre[ six ]agencies you can scale with easy and velocity to run into the substructure needs of your full organisation or single sections within it, globally or locally.

Platform-as-a-service[ seven ]in the cloud is defined as a set of package and merchandise development tools hosted on the supplier 's substructure. Developers create applications on the supplier 's platform over the Internet. PaaS suppliers may utilize APIs, website portals or gateway package installed on the client 's computing machine., ( an branch of ) , GoogleApps and Windows Azure platform are illustrations of PaaS.

Windows Azure[ eight ]is a flexible platform that supports multiple linguistic communications and integrates with your bing on-premises environment. To construct applications and services on Windows Azure, developers can utilize their bing Microsoft Visual StudioA® expertness. It allows developers to run applications and shop informations on waiters owned and operated by Microsoft.

In the Software-as-a-service[ nine ]cloud theoretical account, the seller supplies the hardware substructure, the package merchandise and interacts with the user through a front-end portal. SaaS is a really wide market. Servicess can be anything from Web-based electronic mail to stock list control and database processing. Because the service supplier hosts both the application and the information, the terminal user is free to utilize the service from anyplace.

Commercial SaaS include[ x ]online undertaking direction tool every bit good as client relationship direction and human resource application offered by[ xi ],[ xii ]and[ xiii ]. A figure of on-line package applications are now besides available and include Google physician[ xiv ], Blist[ xv ]and SlideRocket[ xvi ].

Microsoft Online Services[ xvii ]are subscription-based, on-demand applications and hosted services, supplying your terminal users with a consistent experience across multiple devices. The Diagram 4.0 shows beds of Microsoft cloud.

Diagram 4.0 Microsoft cloud - class of services

A cloud computer science can offer many advantages over traditional hosting:

It is elastic - as allows addition or diminish the hardware demands with the proceedingss.

It is flexible - user can take specification of each single case of calculating power purchased.

Cheap - as no giving capital investing is required.

The service is to the full managed by the supplier ( the consumer needs nil but a personal computing machine and Internet entree ) .

SQL Server

SQL is a database computing machine linguistic communication designed for pull offing informations in relation database direction system. SQL characteristics are informations insert, question, update, delete, and schema creative activity and alteration, and informations entree control.

One of the major grounds of utilizing SQL waiter is that it is widening to the Cloud through SQL Azure. SQL Azure is a to the full managed cloud database, offered as a service, running in Microsoft information centres around the Earth. It is extremely scalable, with built in high-availability and mistake tolerance, giving you the ability to get down little or function a planetary client base instantly[ xviii ]. SQL Azure Database will be used to hive away the informations when the application will be deployed on Azure cloud.

Facebook API

As was stated above my web application should pull out information about user and user 's friends from the Facebook. In order to accomplish it the Facebook API will be used.

The Facebook Platform enables you to do your web site more individualized and societal.

The Facebook API allows applications to utilize the societal connexions and profile information to do applications more affecting, and to print activities to the intelligence provender and profile pages of Facebook, capable to single user 's privateness scenes. With the API, users can add societal context to their applications by using profile, friend, Page, group, exposure, and event informations. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses are localized and in XML format.

The undermentioned characteristics of the Facebook platform will be used in BCT application:

Social plugins[ xix ]can be integrated in the site with a line of HTML. Because they are hosted by Facebook, the plugins are personalized for all users who are logged into Facebook - even if the users have n't yet signed up for your site. The most popular societal plugin is Like button. BCT application will utilize Login Button. The Login Button shows profile images of the user 's friends who have already signed up for the site in add-on to a login button.

Single sign-on enables you to take the enrollment procedure for you site by enabling users to log in to your site with their Facebook history. Once a user logs in to your site with his or her Facebook history, you can entree the user 's history information from Facebook, and the user is logged in to your site every bit long as he or she is logged in to Facebook. The standard Facebook login button can be included with the ticket:

& lt ; fb: login-button & gt ; & lt ; /fb: login-button & gt ;

Account Registration Data - The Graph API can supply entree to all of the basic history enrollment informations, including name, electronic mail reference, profile image, and birthday. The information is more dependable as it was already verified by Facebook.

Serve-side personalization - one time you have hooked up individual sign-on, you can increase the battle on your site by personalising the content on your site to a user based on her societal graph. Every site is different, but the basic construction will probably look something like this:

// Fetch the user 's friends

$ friends = json_decode ( file_get_contents (

'https: // access_token= ' .

$ cooky [ 'access_token ' ] ) , true ) ;

$ friend_ids = array_keys ( $ friends ) ;

// Fetch all the content posted by this user 's friends

$ consequence = mysql_query ( 'SELECT * FROM content WHERE uid IN ( ' .

implode ( $ friend_ids, ' , ' ) . ' ) ' ) ;

$ friend_content = array ( ) ;

while ( $ row = mysql_fetch_assoc ( $ consequence ) ) {

$ friend_content [ ] = $ row ;


Graph API simplify the manner developers read and write informations to Facebook. Every object in the societal graph has a alone ID. You can bring the informations associated with and object by bringing hypertext transfer protocol: //


Cade, Mark and Roberts, Simon. ( 25 Mar 2002 ) Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for J2EE Technology: Study Guide. Sun Microsystems Press.

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Updated: May 19, 2021
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