He replies Yes love?

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Eddie replies in his upper crust well spoken tones, un-affected by the question “No I don’t think so. ” Mickey says ” you wanna be best mates, we could be blood brothers, give us your hand. ” They both pretend realistically to swap blood and this small scene draws to a close. The parallel scene reopens and the two brothers advance slowly towards one another once again. This time it is Mickey’s turn to say something, Mickey says, “When we were younger we had some real fun.

” They once again point at one another to show that a flashback is about to start and it involves both characters.

A new flashback opens which is set in the park. There are three children in this scene, Eddie, Mickey and Linda. Mickey (Liam) shoots his older brother’s air pistol at a statue in the park and misses. Eddie (Simon) now has a go and struggles to pull the lever. Eddie is a soft ‘Mummy’s boy’ but tries to impress Mickey by acting tough.

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Once Eddie pulls the lever the power is phenomenal and he falls back on to the grass. The pistol fires and the rubber bullet is seen to bounce off of all the park walls before actually nearing the statue. All three laugh. Linda (Charlotte) decides she should have a go.

Both boys laugh behind her back and pretend to try and give her some confidence. Eddie says, “Women can’t shoot. ” Both boys burst into fits of laughter, which is encouraged by Linda tutting.

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Linda holding the gun steady, shoots and gets a satisfying ‘ping’ off of the statue head, dampening the laughter from the boys Eddie and Mickey say in conjunction with one another “beginners luck. ” Linda convincingly says, “let’s try again then. ” Eddie seems to struggle for words so Mickey says, “come we, better be off, Sammy’ll notice the bullets missing. ” They all turn and gulp as they see a Policeman stood watching them.

The policeman seems satisfied that he has caught someone doing something they shouldn’t. However, he decides to ask them what they are doing anyway. The Policeman (Adam) says ” Allo, Allo, Allo, what have we here. Three little children doing something they should not be doing I see. Just what are you doing. ” Eddie is no longer speechless saying in one big squeak, ” Waiting for the ninety-two-bus sir. ” At this point Eddie is roaring with laughter and wonders why no one else is laughing. The Policeman stutters and says “PARDON. ” Eddie decides to say it again as he thinks no one has heard him.

Now both Mickey and Linda are trying to get his attention to tell him to shut up. Just as Eddie decides to repeat himself the Policeman bellows “I heard you the first time boy, just who might you be? ” Eddie looks at Linda and then Mickey who are both extremely white faced and trying to stop him saying anything else, roars even more with laughter and splutters “Adolph Hitler. ” Eddie stumbles about producing the ‘nazi’ sign and laughing even more. Linda and Mickey both look as though they are about to faint and without laughing sneak off. Both the Policeman and Eddie shout together “Where are you going.”

The Policeman now says to Eddie ” You’re coming with me sunshine. ” Eddie seems to be lost for words as he has no one with him and has never been in trouble before with the police. Eddie starts to say something but nothing will come out of his throat. Instead he makes a run for it barking, “wait up guys. ” The Policeman realises he is too slow and mutters “bloody kids” as he walks off stage. The flashback closes and the parallel scene reopens. Both men stop pointing and ‘come to life’ once again. Eddie advances again and says, “In the end we both went our separate ways. Now another flashback opens and it involves everyone from the start.

This flashback is like two parallel images being played at the same time. Eddie is in University and Mickey at the Dole office. Both are meant to be set at the same time. Thus putting the ‘blood brother’ theme back into the play. When one is acted the other is paused and it passes across the each time the finger is pointed to the live scene. The scene opens by Mickey (Simon) being at the dole office asking how much he will have this week. The dole man (Adam) replies from behind his bullet proof glass shield “Ten pounds ten pence, sir,” Mickey replies,”How can I live on that.”

The finger is now pointed towards Eddie and a girl from University who are together at a party. The girl (Charlotte) asks Eddie (Liam) what is wrong. Eddie replies ” There seems to be something missing or at least someone missing. ” The girl asks, “Is it Mickey? ” Eddie replies ” Yes, I think so, I would love to see him again. ” The girl tells him to ring him up. The finger is pointed back towards the dole office and the scene reopens again. Mickey bellows ” How can I live on a tenner, I av a family to feed ya know. ” The dole man replies “Take it or leave it.”

Mickey replies “I’ll tek it but it aint enough,” Mickey stands up and looks at Eddie in the parallel scene and says “I need to see Eddie again. ” Mickey acts as if he has seen Eddie but is actually looking right through him. The other parallel act comes to life once again. They advance towards one another again and Mickey says “twas so reassuring to ‘ear is voice again. ” The finger is now pointed at Eddie to show that the flashback will begin, starting with Mickey. Mickey rings Eddie and seems to be depressed, he rings him out of self-pity and is hoping for a bit of reassurance from his best mate. Eddie answers the phone, also depressed.

They both shout the others name and seem relieved. Mickey says “How are ya Ed” “I’m fine replies Eddie, and the Uni is great, there is booze, girls and loads of laughs. ” There is a pause, and after about fifteen seconds Mickey says “I’m in jail. ” “What for? ” demands Eddie. ” I took part in an armed robbery, it was Sammy he needed a door man. ” At this point Mickey breaks down into tears and says “I need ya ‘ere Ed. ” Eddie sighs and says “which one is it? ” Mickey sobs and says “what. ” Eddie now sounds tougher and says “which prison are you in you big goof. ” Mickey sniffs and says “Hunchester Gaylin in Blackpool. ”

Eddie replies “I’ll make an appointment to see you next week sometime, ok? ” Mickey nods and says “Uhhuh. Bye then. ” Eddie sympathetically says “It is for a week bud, see you” The other parallel scene opens for the last time. Mickey and Eddie both say in conjunction with one another “that was last week. ” The whole act closes as they meet one another and sit to talk. DEVELOPMENT The opening act for the development phase of Blood Brothers is based on the parents of Eddie, Mr and Mrs Lyons. It revolves around Mr Lyons discovering the truth about the birth of Eddie. He has always believed that his son was born whilst he was working away.

However, it seems that Mrs Lyons adopted Eddie from the Johnstone family, who had twin boys (Mickey and Eddie) but could not afford to keep them both. The scene opens in the church at the funerals of Eddie and Mickey. The Minister delivers his sermon to the crying congregation. The scene moves on to show Mr and Mrs Lyons, later in the day, sat in their home. Mrs Lyons is informing her husband that she has something that she must tell him. Mrs Lyons: “I have something to tell you. ” Mr Lyons thinks, “no please, we’re not going to try for another kid. ” He replies “Yes love? ” Mrs Lyons thinks “Are you going to tell him?

You’ve got to tell him. You had better tell him now. ” Mrs Lyons replies: “Erm … I … erm … ” Her conscience urges her to continue. She says, “You know … it’s … erm … about Eddie”. Mr Lyons thinks “Not our Eddie, he wasn’t, was he? ” Mr Lyons says “Go on. ” Mrs Lyons says, “He wasn’t ‘our’ Eddie. ” Mrs Lyons thinks, “That wasn’t that hard was it? Now finish it off. ” Mr Lyons thinks, “You … had … an … affair… with? ” Mr Lyons says “He wasn’t? ” Mrs Lyons says, “No he … ” Mrs Lyons interrupts her stuttering, “Wasn’t mine? You!! Affair!! Who? ” Mrs Lyons thinks, “Say it right and pull yourself together.

You should never have kept the secret. ” Mrs Lyons says, “He was Mrs Johnstone’s. ” Mr Lyons thinks “How did that work out? ” Mr Lyons says, “How? ” Mrs Lyons says, “He wasn’t ours, yours or more importantly mine! She gave me him at birth. We could not … and they were expecting … easy! ” Mrs Lyons thinks “Well done, finally, you got it out”. Mr Lyons tuts and says “Secrets? Great! ” He storms out. The scene closes. Another scene opens to show relatives and friends back in church attending the funeral of a different person. The Minister delivers his sermon on Mr Lyons and everyone begins to cry.

The scene closes. In conclusion to the above three scenes, we feel that we used exploratory strategies to portray acts of thought tracking and cross cutting in a thoughtful and empathetic way. The scenes showed how Mr Lyons must have felt at the point when he discovered that the son he had loved and cherished was not his own flesh and blood. As part of our portfolio we were asked to create an abstract ‘dream type’ sequence for Mrs Johnstone at the end of the play. We began by dividing memories of Mrs Johnstone into two sections, those that were happy and those that were sad.

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