Reflection Paper of a Walk to Remember Essay

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Reflection Paper of a Walk to Remember

Summary: “A Walk to Remember” is a heart touching story which is being narrated by a 57 year-old Landon Carter, who describes how he fell in love with the Baptist’s daughter, Jamie. It’s starting from two young people who first are strangers and then find themselves unexpectedly fall in love with each other. In 1958, Beaufort, North Carolina, seventeen-year-olds Landon Carter who is a popular and rich kid in the community planned to study at University of Carolinas after he graduated.

His first girlfriend is Angela, but unfortunately they are not last. Therefore, Landon and Jamie live in two completely different worlds. Jamie Sullivan is a quiet and kind and bookish girl whom he has known many years but rarely ever spoken with. This changes when Landon needs a date for the homecoming dance. All the girls he knows already have dates and finally he has no other possibility than asking Jamie. Surprisingly, she agrees, although her father doesn’t like Landon at all.

The party day is coming and they have fun together lots. After the dance, Jamie asks Landon to play one of the main roles in a Christmas play that her father has written. Landon doesn’t want to but he agrees nevertheless. When the rehearsals start, Landon and Jamie spend a lot of time together, and the more Landon knows about Jamie, the more he understands and even likes her. He even walks Jamie home every night. On the evening when the play is performed, he seen Jamie as a very beautiful lady and he realized he falls in love with her.

After Landon confessed, they start dating and having a very sweet couple life. They’re in a relationship together until Jamie tells him she has leukemia, and that she had stopped responding to treatments. This causes a struggle in their relationship. Jamie condition getting worse day by day and London feel really sad that he can’t help her anything. In the end they get married because Landon wants to fulfill her wish. Forty year later, Landon still loves her and never removed the ring. He said “I now believe, by the way, that miracles can happen”.

Characters Analysis: Jamie Sullivan is the seventeen-year-old daughter of Hegbert Sullivan. She is a very religious girl, carrying her Bible around with her everywhere. She is happy and cheerful and sees the best in everyone and in every situation, always ready to help those in distress. I really like her character the most because of her kind and innocent attitudes and very loyal to love. Landon Carter is the 57 year-old man who through flashback narrates the story of his seventeenth year, the year that changed his life.

I really like him after finishing the whole reading because it show that he is very loyal to his wife by never removing the wedding ring and still in love with her. However, after I take looks at the acknowledgement part of the novel shows that he re-married with other women and has 2 sons. I really dislike the fact that he re-married showing that he is not loyal to Jamie at all. Recommendation: I would recommend this story for those who enjoy novels that touch your heart and make you think about real life. It’s a story of how strong teen love can truly be and the love conquers all.

Even it’s a bit complicated and boring at first, if you keep on reading you will find it addicted, because the best part of the story is in the last chapter. Conclusion: This novel is a very heart touching story and I like it. I love how the author draws the reader in with emotions, descriptions, love, and death. Therefore, I think it’s a great book that show the real love between man and woman and it’s even touching of how it show that the main characters struggle together through their love obstacles and how the power of love can change a person.

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