Leveraging Information Technology for World Bank's Development Goals

The CEO must be made to realize that any blind spending in the IT resources is not going to bring in that much satisfaction as the efficient utilization of the available resource. This is because the immense potential offered by IT even at this stage was so high that it was already becoming difficult to perceive by the CIO of World Bank. Hence the investments in IT were already in pace and the same budget of approximately 10 % of the total should continue to be allocated to IT was sufficient.

Therefore the CEO has to be advised to keep on investing in not only newer technologies but also to evolve a mechanism through which IT knowledge to the user groups is disseminated so that the users are aware of the vast potential it has to offer.
Also given its state of art IT infrastructure spanning even in those areas which are otherwise nit that technologically advanced, it gives world bank an opportunity to leverage this strength  to properly disseminate this knowledge and experience which is very critical for development of any nation today.

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The World Bank should further take initiatives to assist its business partners  to use the Information Communications technologies (ICTs) infrastructure and experience to there benefit in order to realize its mission critical goals of providing education and eradication of poverty across the world. ICT should form a special place in the projects of World Bank as is not only there USP but also a very critical factor in the project success.

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 The World Bank should now assist the clients in proper procurement developmental and installation of IT resources for there speedy upliftment through collaborations and knowledge base utilization.

The World Bank must collaborate with the countries throughout the world for supporting, programming and researching through various seminars workshops etc. Also through the GDLN, the World Bank should offer effective solutions for policy sharing and  developmental strategies throughout the world. This should include the consultancy on hardware, software, networking, security and efficient of storage of sound and visual media and more importantly proper warehousing, transfer and presentation of critical information and other services through education technlology learning,distance learning and education management.

The focus on the following  is definitely going to make a good contribution in meeting the Developmental objectives of the world bank:

  • Far reaching accessibility through online programs:
    World bank can provide new improved means in order to educate a vast number rural areas with people from all  ages and backgrounds especially those who have been relatively unapproachable up till now for example people in the interiors of rural areas with very less accessibility or to the women who cannot come out due to social religious restrictions and other physically disables people.
  • Creating a relationship network : In today’s scenario the extent to which the knowledge is acquired and applied has a far reaching consequence on economic success World bank through its vast IT infrastructure can provide such a knowledge to a very vas population across the globe so that the individual countries can achieve there goals with confidence, commitment and motivation thereby helping them to meet the heavy demands of society.
  • Training the trainers: Large numbers of educators would be needed to meet the developmental goals of the world bank . The use of Information communication and technology can really help in training the trainers in order to meet the target as training has a far reaching consequence on the productivity moreover with ICT this training can be an ongoing process and not a one time one. Also through robust and scalable networks both the quality as well as availability of educational instruments would be possible 24X7 in a very quick and cheap way across long geographical areas and distances. The IT can go a long way in improving the administrative quality and its effectiveness thus enabling more productivity in the end in every facet and department.


  1.  http://www.worldbank.org - This sight provided the complete overview of every facet that world bank deals into the customer feedbacks along with an over view of the future strategies in the days to come. A very beautifully sight helping to gain the real insight into the various problems faced by the world bank today its performance indicators etc. This sight helped in the entire research of this project
Updated: Nov 30, 2023

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