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Ramly Burger SWOT Analysis Essay

Paper type: Analysis Pages: 3 (619 words)

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1.Recognizable brand
Ramly burger is a company known widely by the people especially in Malaysia. Their burger can be found at burger stalls operating at night at many parts of cities and villages in Malaysia. For many years, these burger stalls exist in popular hotspots, universities, housing areas, near 7-11 and many other populated areas.

2.The concept of strong a production
Their company have variety of products that has evolved quite nicely from only burger stall to a product manufacturer and getting stronger day by day.

Their dedication in providing a good, quality and halal meat to the consumer can be seen throughout their journey and their development of idea to create a better business opportunity.

3.Using an intermediary to conduct marketing
Marketing intermediaries are company that helps other company to promote, sell and distribute the goods to final buyers. A distribution channel may be direct or indirect in nature. Obviously, Ramly Burger using the indirect distribution channels, on the other hand, used the services of agent to move products to end-users.

There are many advantages of using the agent. By using an agent Ramly Burger will appoint them to be one of their distribution channels. For example, we take a look at Tesco. Ramly Burger will supply their entire product to Tesco like beef burger, chicken burger, French fries, hotdog, sausage Chile sauce, tomato sauce and many more.

In one situation, during Hari Raya Aidilfitri, customer want to serve their guest with fried mee. They can get all the ingredient by only visit Tesco. The ingredient that customer want to buy including Ramly Chile sauce. They do not need to go to the Ramly Burger manufacturer but they can just buy it at Tesco. By then Ramly Burger can get the efficiency in market coverage. By having an intermediary, Ramly Burger can reduce the number of transactions that is needed.

4.Nicely designed packaging label
Able to attract more people to buy their products as the design of the packaged is unique. They have different colour of packaging to represent different products. For example, blue packaging is for organic, chicken and fish. Dark brown packaging is for beef meat. (Beef can naturally exist in many colours but the colour of meat packaging is responsible for meat colour.

5.Easy to prepare
Simple and much easier to prepare, requiring less time and effort.

6.Strong domination in Malaysia’s market
Ramly Burger has indeed a strong domination in Malaysia’s market as they have reached RM1 billion sales and have opened two processing plants in Cheras and Mukim Batu that produces 150,000 tonnes products daily.


New product in market

Ramly products are the new product in the market. So they have a huge opportunities to market their product to the costumers. On the other hand, because of the Ramly products are new in the market, most customers will be interested to try this product because of the principle of customers always want to try new products that exist in the market.

Targeting a large market
Ramly company targeting the large market because the product will be marketed in the country and to the other country. This company have the opportunities to enter the large market because they sell Halal product which will be an advantage to the Muslim people around the world.

Large scope production
They export the product countries such as Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore. They already have a large per cent there which is around 30 per cent, so Ramly company have the opportunities to make their scope of production larger because they already have some link there such as marketing the product to the supermarket and the mini shop. Moreover, they already have a kiosk to market the products.

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