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Gucci pulse are the most respected and quality products of the Gucci Company. The production of these products has been as a result of competent work force in the company. Gucci Company has ensured that all employees are motivated always to perform various tasks effectively. Attitude and change in attitude are the most likely factors that are likely to contribute to the welfare and determine the performance of Gucci’s women pulse in the market. Motivation Motivation is the force or impetus behind behavior and actions.

This energizes behavior and directs behavior towards a goal.

In Gucci, managers are always expected to create a desire of working to employees by creating conducive environment and a favoring atmosphere for working. Gucci company has motivated it workers in different ways that has ensured a continued success of the company in the market. Gucci for a long time has been advocating for reinforcement through rewarding by an attractive object as a consequence of any work done perfectly.

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According to behavior approach to motivation, managers have an understanding of employees and consumers motivation which begins with careful analysis of incentive and rewards that are present in the company.

These incentives are like privileges and money. It’s always managers’ responsibility in the company to identify behaviors that need to be reinforced like outstanding performance, punctuality, neatness and completion of work. According to Maslow’s law of the hierarchy of needs, the consumers need keeps on increasing. It’s the company’s responsibility to improve their products so as to motivate the consumers to have an urge of purchasing their products.

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If the company keeps on introducing new and quality brands in the market will enhance the prosperity of the Gucci products in the existing market as well as in the new markets.

The managers are always alert to notice the desired behavior occur. Occurrence is always accompanied by reinforcement. An employee who shows an improved performance is rewarded. The principle is that reinforcement strengthens behavior and gives that exact behavior a chance to occur again. In Gucci, cognitive approach state that behavior is determiner by over thinking and not reward or punishment, it is initiated and regulated by mental process and not external events. (Susan, 2007)

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