Psychological Research and Type of Human Behavior

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Normally, psychology is defined as the study of behavior and human mental processes. This definition may vary depending on the theoretical orientation or the field of application; For example, the object of study can easily be extended to non-human animals, as in comparative psychology and ethology. For myself personally, psychology didn’t call my attention until now. I can see how the term “psychology’ is so broad and interesting. Psychological research is included in many cases within what we know as ‘basic psychology’, dedicated to obtaining knowledge about processes such as perception, memory or reasoning, which influence any type of human behavior.

I found this very interesting. I feel that it is important and almost a must to know what goes on with your brain and body. For example, those people who under the control of drug addiction. I believe it is important to know what’s going down in your body and brain.

Psychological theories are fundamental to explain the behavior of animals, especially people: any activity produced in a human society is susceptible to be analyzed from psychology since it will always involve the participation of basic mental processes.

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In relation to the study of human groups, social psychology is particularly important. I remembered that time the teacher was explaining of how unconscious we were when we are walking. If you think about for a moment, its very strange and cool at the same time. It makes sense if you think about it. Walking down a hallway, you’re not thinking of how far are the walls or the people from you.

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Its your brain that has information stored that you really don’t worry about, amazing!

The analysis of behavior is not only interesting in itself for a large number of people, but also allows applying the knowledge acquired to many different fields, especially within the social and natural sciences such as medicine, sociology, economics, history, and or political science. Like I said before psychology is a broad topic. There’re many fields that requires having some type of psychology understanding. Once again, I learned in class of all different types of doctors which some are clinical and some are not. I was amazed because I didn’t know there was so many different psychology majors. Some people consider that the ultimate goal of psychology is to increase the well-being and quality of life of others. Although other professionals have different conceptions, the truth is that the service to other people has been a central aspect in the development of psychology and continues to be so today. Evidently, psychology is useful for enhancing mental health and personal growth. The psychology of health, for example, seeks physical well-being and the prevention of diseases through the acquisition of healthy behavioral habits, a key aspect that medicine tends to ignore.

Psychology promotes creativity for different reasons. Not only allows to analyze the artistic process at a deep level, but the understanding of the behavior and mental functioning of people is a very important help for the creation of significant works and realistic characters. After doing some research, I feel that it is important to know how our mind works. There’re so many mental diseases out there and these are the type of people I believe should know more. Not only diseases but drug addictions as well. There’s a reason why people become addicted, it is important once again to know what you give your body and how it might respond. Psychology has become such an interesting topic due to class lessons and the readings. I just ask myself how strong our brain is, and how adaptable it can be. For example, the video of the girl whom her brain was cut in half. One would think that automatically she would be dead but no. Its just mind blowing how the human brain adapts and works with what it’s given. I look forward to learning more and get to know the mind and its functions more and more.

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