Abnormal Psychology of Lindsay Lohan

For one to be classified as psychologically abnormal, he or she must display the four mannerisms of abnormality, known as “the four D’s: dysfunction, distress, deviance, and dangerousness. I am certain that the Hollywood star, Lindsay Lohan, meets the qualifications of abnormality. Lindsay’s behavior prevents her functioning normally in life. Lindsay Lohan’s addiction to alcohol and her drug abuse has landed her in and out of jail and as well as rehabilitation centers numerous times. According to CNN, “Lindsay Lohan pled guilty with the possession of cocaine and drinking under the influence”.

Lindsay’s trouble with law has caused great distress to her health as well. According to TMZ, Lindsay Lohan was hospitalized for stress induced Pneumonia.

Lindsay claims that the stress in which induced her pneumonia originated from her citation for a hit and run accident involving a pedestrian. Lindsay’s chronic stealing behavior can be viewed as deviant. According to TMZ, Lindsay Lohan has been accused on many occassions of stealing items such as: clothes, necklaces, earings, and shoes from various apparel boutiques.

Lastly, Lindsay has endangered society with her alcohol addictions. Fox News reports that Lindsay Lohan has been arrested for drinking under the influence many times. In one of her many drinking under the influence-related accidents, she crashed her car into another moving vehicle.

Approaching this from a cognitive perspective, I believe that the wreckless and attention seeking behavior that Lindsay Lohan outputs is a direct result from her parent’s divorce and stress induced from her sky-rocketing childhood fame.

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In Lindsay Lohan’s hit song “Confessions of a broken heart”, she emotionally expresses her relationship with her father. In her lyrics she says, “And I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders, a family in crisis that only grows older, why’d you have to go… I dream of another you one who would never leave me alone to pick up the pieces, a daddy to hold me because that’s all I needed”. In psychopathology, the cognitive perspective views that one’s thought processesinfluences his/her behavior and emotion.

In Lindsay’s negative exposure to her family fights and parent’s divorce, I believe that she lacked proper love and attention from her emotionally drained mother and uninvolved father. With the lack of attention from her two parents and her fame slowly fading away, her mind justified that it was acceptable to engage in wreckless/irrational behavior to gain that attention that she desired. Lindsay Lohan uses this attribution as a desperate attempt to gain control of other’s attention so that she will not feel forgotten, like how her father abandoned her. I believe she makes global assumptions that she deserves everyone’s love and attention. Lindsay’s useage of drugs and engagement in wreckless behavior is a desperate cry for attention that she seeks to satisfy her feeling of being forgotten. If she does not seek therapy soon to learn how to deal with her emotions more effectively, her wreckless, attention seeking behavior will only be reinforced.

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