Psy 220 Positive Psychology Themes - Week 1 Checkpoint

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The overview of Positive Psychology and the seven central themes apply to my life in various ways. The first theme discusses how we are creators of our personal and social worlds. I can relate to this concept many different ways personally. I know that for myself, knowing is half the battle. Realizing that throughout my life, I will be faced with different challenges, and various different outcomes are based on the choices I make.

The second theme discusses the fact that biological factors, past experience, and present situations also have a hand in shaping our behavior.

I know this to be true for myself because I have had to use some sorts of behavior modification, so to speak, to help curve certain choices I know I am tempted to make. I base these modifications on past experience. I also take into account that certain things are harder for me to deal with based on genetics and hereditary precursors. The third theme challenges people to pay attention to research I suppose.

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This is applicable in my life because I do pay attention to different research findings, and try to pose those findings and ideas against ones I may have previously thought to be true. The fourth theme goes into the actual history of positive psychology. I can’t really relate too much of this to my life thus far, but will say that looking at the different impacts that biological, environmental and cognitive components of human flourishing is something I now catch myself paying close attention to.

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The fifth theme discusses the study of human strengths and talks about the different research tools that are available throughout the book. I have already tried some of these out and have found them very interesting. The sixth theme suggests that we take into account the questions necessary for research and to participate in the process, something I look forward to starting! And finally, the seventh theme talks about values amongst psychologists and how they affect their work, study and research habits, etc.

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Psy 220 Positive Psychology Themes - Week 1 Checkpoint

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