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Proposal Argument Essay

I believe it is an agreed principle by everyone that the importance of sports is in the life of a student is invaluable. Sports play a significant role of first about every individual solely country (Campbell; 4). In one way or the other people are involved in a game or some sort, Whether he/she is watching or playing or by just knowing an individual who plays or watches. Sports often come in various sizes. Cricket is a group sport with individuals playing various roles at the same time play is going on. The matches are played in an open field usually oval or circular in shape.

Cricket is an international sport with recognition all over the world. It has a long history since the 19th century and has often been associated with strong passion, that has seen it become more popular the world over. With this reputation that this game has earned all over the years that it has been in existence, The College would be glad to be associated with this game and be part of the effort to develop the games in our society to enable all Americans to compete at the international stage.

            The Austin community college (ACC) wants to develop an exciting and innovative initiative to help advance the careers of students as professional players and to motivate them. The students through the department of sports and the college, proposes to start an established cricket team that will provide training service to the student. This proposal requests $ 800,000.00 from the community and other well wishers through a fund drive to help meet the costs of buying a piece of land that would be used as both training and play ground by the student. Part of this money will also be used towards the purchase of facilities for training and playing like bats and gears among others and for amenities for people involved in the game of cricket at the college.

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We as the members of the cricket club of Austin community college anticipate that the grants that will be received from the fundraising will be an essential and a basis part of our program. It will also be crucial as it will provide an essential training and educational component to the project thereby allowing us to both extend our effort in academic as well as that of sports and at the same time lowering the costs the college would incur and thus providing the college with an opportunity to meet the needs of its student and as such serve the large society.

            The program (crickets) which the school envisions is multi-faceted comprehensive as well as innovative. The college community has a tremendous requirement for additional sports. The ACC and its board have already identified an ideal site where the training and play ground can be set up

The cost breakdown of the proposed site and facilities is as follows;

 Play ground- $ 500,000

Facilities- $ 260,000

Administrative -$ 100,000

The cost estimates of this program have been based on a comprehensive program designed which took in to consideration all of the criteria players coaches, trainers playing facilities as well as other aspects of the cricket game.

            Like in every game the facilities that are budgeted for are essential, and without which there will be no much development of the sport. The sport requires a large space from which both the training and playing can take place. However the space within the college is not adequate to accommodate the pitch. That is why the college is soliciting for funds to purchase a piece of land that is about 200 meters from the college. The field is spacious enough, a key to the project. It is the only open field with enough capacity to cater for the game otherwise there is no other such space within the vicinity which can cost less or specious for the program.

            The essence of sports is either money or fun like in every sport the game of cricket has both professionals and amateurs (http://www.socialstudiesforkids.com/article/sports/sport1.htm.). The school would be serving the role of facilitator and developer of the talents of the amateurs and molding them in to professionals for the betterment of the society. In most cases sports have been known to bring cohesion and together in the community and the larger society. For instance the game of cricket is internationally recognized for the role it has played to bring some kind of peace and tranquility between India and Pakistan.

This can translate to bring the students as well as community at Austin community, college. The fans which will be largely the student from the college will be inspired by a good team to come out on large numbers to support their team. I believe that the net effect of this support would be that of the school community working together in harmony. Nevertheless this can only be achieved if the school is able to purchase the parcel of land in question and buy the needs facilities so as to be able to develop the game.

            As has been witnessed in other sports the game is able to feature every part of social studies through active involvement in one way or another and which will be of great benefit to all parties involved including the entire society (http://www.socialstudiesforkids.com/article/sports/sport1.htm.).

For instance, the bowlers must have ample space to run as well as the cricket keepers which will enable them to compete at the highest level of competition and at the same time develop and nurture talents that will not only turn professional but successful sports men/women who will do our country proud and raise the standard of the game in the country.

            For the last 3 and half years the students have been using the soccer pitch which has hampered their progress and at the same time interrupted the training program of the soccer players. Currently there about 30 students who are actively involved in the sport but due to lack of enough facilities and an ample space to train in any have not been able to join the team. This is so because there are many students with the interest to join the game but who can not be accommodated due to the current state of affairs. A large number of students are not actively involved in sports but whom cricket would provide with the opportunity to be actively participating and develop.

            On behalf the entire organizing committee for the funds drive and the sports department I do believe that your contribution would go a long way in achieving this goal. It is also sure way for everyone through their contributions to be part of the history to be made.

Thanks in anticipation.


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