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Whenever I think about my aim of life for exploring my willingness in sport or game then my mind mingles with a lot of options. My choice swings between two games Football and Cricket. Therefore I workout on my choice deeply and concluded that I really want to see myself as a cricketer. I found that Cricket is the most favourite one for me. The great Bangladeshi Cricket player's life style already telling the story of big success and showing the height of human stature in the world society of fame.

They have become the most wanted entertainer for not only in Bangladesh but in other countries also. In BPL( Bangladesh Premier League) Australian and Bangladeshi players have shown highest fan following in cricket loving nations.

The players of other countries like Pakistan ,India,England and Srilanka have also exhibited their potential in BPL Cricket.BPL being the biggest platform and player vacancy scope provider for Bangladesh youngsters; intensified the competition level of the game.

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The juncture of cricket and Dhaliwood,Bollywood stars involvement tapped the huge audience and therefore provided the quality platform for numerous quality sponsors . All these lucrative parameters damningly forced me to choose this carrier.

If anyone ask ten Bangladeshi children about their favorite game, they confidently reply with sounding words "Cricket". Particularly in Bangladesh it has gained tremendous popularity. Internationally it has tapped larger audience. It is because of these reasons; bigger branded company shows high interest to promote this game. I am not untouched with the highly rewarding side and rapidly increased fame of the Cricket.

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When I was young, then I used to play cricket in the street. I have broken many window glasses of our neighbors. Because of me, my father had to digest many complaints against me. But I couldn't do anything to align my habit as per others restriction and discipline. I couldn't compromise it. Because of this reason my father had brought another TV for me. Many said that it is a very expensive game. But at that time I never get impacted by these words.

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