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Project, Pages 6 (1473 words)



Project, Pages 6 (1473 words)




25TH MARCH 2019




Certainly, it is true that “where there is no leader, people fall or perish” (The Bible, Proverbs 11:14). Leadership has many different roles in the real world such as Mentor, coach, counselor and so on. The Coach Carter movies was released in 2005 by Paramount Picture, it was actually a drama film, directed by Thomas Carter. The story of this movie based on a true story.

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The main character of this movie is Samuel L. Jackson playing the role of Ken Karter. He got a job of coach to the basketball team at his former high school. He took the position of Basketball coach, try and improve the deprived neighborhood of Richmond. The main important aim is to motivate the student athlete of basketball team. people want their leaders should be honest, has positive attitude, forward looking and skilled person. If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

” (John Quincy Adams) This movie shows many qualities of various styles of leadership throughout the movie. However, among all these leadership, transformational leadership because the coach carter intention and inspire his team to go beyond the limit in order to gain more, both academically and in extracurricular activities.

VISION AND MOTIVATION: First of all, the Ken Karter is a transformational leader who transform the team in right and positive direction in order to achieve their goals not only academically but also in basketball.

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Before the coach Carter took the position of team coaching, the team members had forgotten on the matters of the study and they completely focusing on the wining the game. the coach does not approve to implement this concept and due to that coach took the action against this stupidity. As consequence, every team member gets to sign the team contract and follow the changes which is made by the establishment. Coach Carter does not give a chance to engage in basketball as long as they do not improve in their academic performance. The coach tries to help his team to achieve their self-interest. Play like winners, act like winners and you will be winners” (Coach carter,2005). This is done through trying to win group devotion, profound respect, and trust. Carter trusts that if the group performs well in scholastics, will likewise have the passionate enthusiasm for winning their diversions exercises, (Brashear and Volker, 2013). These qualities make coach carter very incomparable leaders.

ETHICS: In transformational leadership, leaders are effective in inspiring their team to improve on all their areas of interest. Carter does this by encouraging his team to work on academics so that they can continue with basketball activities and make competition activities. This indicates that Coach Carter is an effective leader for his team adheres to his rules, and they are inspired. The film shows that as the team follows what they are directed by the coach, they begin to see changes in their academics and later they get a chance for their competitions. They view Carter as a role model where they put their trusts on what the coach tells them. Carter is with no doubt a transformation leader who changes the team lives to the positive side. This helps each player acknowledge the right choices they require for their personal interest and goals. A good leader is one who is active and creative. Through his actions, the coach helps the team transform their lives in different dimensions, and he interacts with them so as to know what they need to make changes in their everyday activities, (Harvey & Moeller, 2009).

LEADERSHIP AND EFFECTIVENESS:Transformational pioneers utilize a reasonable arrangement of qualities where they pass their qualities in the group they are driving. Much the same as Coach Carter, the general public appreciates pioneers who bolster their convictions and qualities through empowering their groups to see how the part of qualities permits them accomplish their wants. In his film, Coach Carter occupied with instructing exercises that support the idea of morals. In the executives, think about demonstrates that there exists no understanding of ‘I’ in the cooperation. Carter enables his group to comprehend this idea, and he does this by preventing the group from playing and taking it for classes to realize what they don’t have the foggiest idea. In his lessons, he permits the group comprehends that achievement in any action relies upon work group. Filling in as a unit as indicated by Carter is preferable rather over working exclusively, on the grounds that as an individual, individual is in the same class as his weakest connection. The Coach accomplishes his point through advancing group vision of progress just as observing this through obstruction. In his very own qualities of convictions, Carter attracts individuals winning their dependability and regard. Pioneers in this day and age experience circumstances where the remainder of individuals in the general public put themselves against you. Viable pioneers should represent their qualities and what they trust so as to accomplish better outcomes, (Breshears and Volker, 2013).

In transformational authority, pioneers are powerful in moving their group to enhance every one of their regions of intrigue. Carter does this by urging his group to chip away at scholastics so they can proceed with ball exercises and make rivalry exercises. This demonstrates Coach Carter is a successful pioneer for his group holds fast to his tenets, and they are propelled. The movie demonstrates that as the group pursues what they are coordinated by the mentor, they start to see changes in their scholastics and later they get an opportunity for their rivalries. They see Carter as a good example where they put their trusts on what the mentor lets them know. Carter is with no uncertainty a change chief who changes the group lives to the positive side. This enables every player to recognize the correct decisions they require for their own advantage and objectives. A decent pioneer is one who is dynamic and inventive. Through his activities, the mentor enables the group to change their lives in various measurements, and he cooperates with them in order to realize what they have to make changes in their regular exercises, (Harvey and Moeller, 2009).

This movie “Coach Carter” is about how one man was able to find a way to reach into the hearts and minds of children and turn them into adults, teaching them how to behave to be a winner on and off the court. With his imposing presence, powerful voice, and willingness to allow the teams’ best players to quit if they will not follow the rules, Coach Carter knows how to take control and influence people. It is additionally about showing we all that maybe the single biggest fear we as a whole have is achievement, not disappointment. Disappointment is simple and comfortable and success is terrifying. Coach carter was a great leader and coach in this movie who encouraged his team and pushed them to be the best they can become. Effective leadership is essential because Successful leadership is required in every aspect of calling. In the present day and age, where society advances at an incomprehensible rate, we need strong and splendid people who are happy to assume responsibility and guide individuals towards the way of progress. One individual has the abilities to change society. In any case, the splendid personality of one can impact the psyche of others. On the off chance that individual’s demonstration as one and center their endeavors towards a shared objective, the possibility to live in a world in which clashes become goals is limitless. Not all leaders are acclaimed like Martin Luther King, most leaders are conventional individuals; you can stroll down the road and keep running into somebody and not realize that they are an extremely incredible pioneer. I for one know about a decent pioneer that is a customary individual; my dad. Albeit a few people trust that pioneers are conceived and not made, I trust that anybody can turn into a pioneer in the event that they have enough bravery and are tough. There are numerous words that individuals thought of when they are approached to depict what makes a decent pioneer. The most well-known attributes used to portray a decent pioneer would be a decent audience, dependable, and unequivocal.


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