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Project Management for Family Day Essay

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Company ABC is a small company consist of 100 employees in total. To facilitate bonding between the employees and their family and enhance relationships between co-workers, company ABC will make a family day that will be held in Chinese Garden on 1st of July 2013. In this family day, employees and their family will participate in some activities that has been arranged by company.

Project Scope Statement Project Objective The objective from these activities are happy employees with stronger relationship between each other. It also expected to give a new positive atmosphere in the workplace. To achieve it, there are some activities that will be done. Those activities will be divided into teenage-adults, family and kids. Employees and their family can freely choose which stand they want to attend.

All the activities’s equipment must be readily available at least 3 days before the due day, which is on 28th of June. The ingredients for cooking competition and souvenir (goodie bag) must be stored one day before the due day, 30th of June. The food for consumption must be ordered one week before due date, so does the transportation. Booking location must be done at least one month before due day.

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Assume that each employees has 4 family members, there will be 400 people, more or less. Cost for family’s activities $1000. On kids zone, the cost will be $850. On consumption and souvenir is $1000 and for transportation’s budget is $1500, last but not least the venue’s cost will be $900. Deliverables

As mention before, all the activities are divided into three groups. The first group (teenage-adult)’s activities, consist of airsoft gun, baseball, and volleyball. In the family section there will be cooking competition and on kid’s zone the activities are making handicraft, painting and playing percussion music. Milestones

Sending the invitation to all employees – 15th of May
book the place – 1st of June
rent the airsoft gun place – 15th of June
book the food – 24th of June
book the transportation – 24th of June
rent cooking equipment – 24th of June
rent the percussion instrument – 24th of June
buy baseball and volleyball equipment – 28th of June
buy the handicraft and painting equipment – 29th of June
buy ingredient for cooking – 30th of June
prepare the place – 30th of June

Technical Requirements Airsoft gun area can fit 20 person in each game (around 30 minutes), every person will be provided with a body protector, helmet and a gun. Baseball game will have two teams with 9 member (around 2 families) each, each game will be provided 3 balls, 1 bat and 8 gloves. For volleyball, it can fit 12 persons that divided into 2 teams in each game, on this game will be provided by 2 volleyballs and 1 net.

Cooking competition equipment 1 small stove, 2 knifes, 2 bowls, 1 cutting board, 1 frying pan, 3 plates and the salad ingredients will be provided. One for each family, there will be 10 family competing on this competition.

Kid’s zone activities, handicarft’s stuff, scissor, glue, coloured plastic, origami, and wire are provided. On painting section, brush, canvas, and paint will be given to each kids. Lastly, percussion instrument will be provided. Limits and Exclusions

Employees need to bring their own cap, change of clothes and apron. Those things are not provided by committee. Reviews with Customer For this family day, we have four sponsors. Faber castel for painting equipments, SBS transit for shuttle bus, DBS, and Yamaha for percussion instruments.

Project Priorities

On this project, to save the company’s budget, cost will be the most constraint matter. If this activities exceed the budget too much, it may not be approved by the superior/ director. The performance of family day can be enhanced. Committee will give their best effort to make the activities becomes spectacular, but as long as the employees and their family enjoy this activities, it will be good enough. Because, the main purpose of these activities is strengthen the bonding of each other.

Time for this family day can be accepted if there is a change, because the member for this activities is still inside the company, so, the schedule can be changed easily. Although, it’s still inappropriate if the committee change the date too often.

Work Breakdown Structure

Cost Estimation In this project, there will be two types of cost-estimation, weekly cost-estimation and milestones cost-estimation. The budget will be counted from 15th of May all the way to 1st of July. It covers entertainment, venue, kid’s zone, consumption, souvenir and reward cost. Some of the cost are covered by sponsors, and the rest of them will be taken from cash of company ABC.

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