Poverty and Its Effect on Adults and Children Lives


The main focus of this essay will be all on poverty and how it plays a role in both children and adults lives. Poverty, the state of being extremely poor, is something that urban communities suffer from, causing some adults to lose homes and not be able to provide any type of natural living resources for them or their children. Even without children, some adults, 19 and older, have no guidance. People who have struggled from poverty, have also struggled while they were in school, causing them to never finish and never receive a diploma.

Having a diploma, and being able to verify it, can show the employer that you have finished school and have an education. This can also, put you at a higher position in your career with a guarantee job. That will determine if they have any experience on learning and if they can even comprehend to be taught.


According to CNN, 71% of the world's population lives on less than a day.

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This meaning that adults 19 and older aren't eligible to file for any type of shelter, rather it's public housing or private ownings. They also mentioned that a portion of people are living on as little as $1.25 a day. With this penny pinching, could maybe put an end to any real source of income, ever! But this isn't just about the money it's also based on healthy living.

Health Problems

In most countries there isn't simple access to everyday survivals, such as; water & food. 1.1 billion people in developing countries don't have simple access to water, causing most adults to become unreliable for their families, also not being able to bathe regularly.

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400 million out of the countries population are children, causing them to easily be open to any illness, such as; diarrhea and other drinking water contamination effects. This means that 1/5th of children nationwide can't use safer water. Without water children are being sent around both sick and dirty, but without food most children are just dying. A lack of clean water and sufficient sanitation can lead to safety concerns, especially in war torn areas. In a society that suffers the illnesses associated with a lack of clean water, the economy is also critically affected.

More than 100 children 5 years and younger aren't properly taken care of and are undernourished. This is a topic under poverty called: Malnutrition, or undernourishment, where children 5 and younger are dying or just suffering with difficulties of various diseases. Most children are underweight, this also goes with easy ways to become sick. Not having enough weight, especially as a child, can cause a weak immune system, weak bones, and feeling weak always. Children who do not reach their ideal height or consistently experiences rounds of weight loss during childhood are affected in the long term in numerous ways. They do not reach their ideal size as adults, their brains are affected, and they are at greater risk of infection. As a child this can mess with things like education & playtime.


With education, it is critical for breaking the cycle of poverty and yet over half of the world's schools lack access to safe water and sanitation facilities. Having an education is the first step to finding a job and earning money. Without an education, many are left jobless and stuck living in poverty for the rest of their lives. Stats show that for children who live below the poverty line, the chances of having school success is much lower than their peers. Poverty can play a big part in not finishing, many children leave school because of their families needing extra assistance with their jobs. This meaning that children are missing out on valuable information that can later on make them successful. 1 in 4 children who enter primary school leave before finishing the 5th grade. This means that the child only has a average 4th graders learning span, and as the child grows those will be the only education that they know. More on data shows that, 123 million adolescents between the ages 15 and 24 lack basic reading and writing skills. Meaning that they were found victim in poverty.

Governmental Programs

Based on the whole topic of poverty, the publication, " America's Misguided Fight Against Income Inequality EQUAL IS UNFAIR" states that "...in the richest nation in history, nearly half of the population lives in a household that receives at least one government "entitlement," a figure that is growing rapidly thanks mainly to the unprecedented expansion of means-tested welfare programs" and based on this quote those entitlements are government based they purpose to help but actually destroy in the long term. They started by offering minimum wage laws, social security, negative income taxes and in-kind benefits. This is supposed allows young teen parents, or other sets of families with their similar struggle through poverty or, extreme poorness, to provide all daily needs for both them and their families, or at least that what's being told to those of poverty.

The money for welfare comes from the people through taxation; this means that money is being taken out of taxes when those who are curious could maybe start a charity of some kind and everyone earn their money equally. Many critics are worried that welfare is developing too fast, the growth towards welfare will maybe end out causing the economy to go broke, meaning that those programs that exist now isn't decreasing poverty at all.


Poverty has stood around and crushed all people in various ways. The government has set up certain assistance to help ill parents, teen parents & child poverty.

Updated: Feb 22, 2024
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