Child Poverty - Essay Examples and Topic Ideas

Poverty has been around for hundreds of years and has not been able to go away completely. David Maume along with others wrote a book regarding child poverty and stated, “The necessity of addressing the fact that the measurement of poverty is problematic, and thus alternative definitions or approaches must be used to define poverty, and who is poor” (Maume et al. 2017 pg 3). Being poor can have different meanings to different people but when a family is in poverty, this does not only affect the family as a whole but it also affects children within the household. Child poverty is becoming more common in the US. According to the National Center for Children in Poverty about 21% of children are in poverty. When a child is in poverty they are prone to more diseases, poor nutrition, less health care quality, and so much more. This essay will focus on the history of poverty but more specifically how this affects children and the outcome of their lives.

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