Positive and Negative effects of Blind obedience

Authoritarian- this basically means if the person in authority wants something done in a certain way, it should be done in that way. Advice may be given but it wouldn't be a threatening way of asking someone to do a task. This is an effective way of getting a result but the leader may not get respect from who are carrying out the task, this will not motivate the people either. Dictatorial- This is in a threatening way, e. g. If you don't do it this way I'll have you're house burnt down.

This would be an arrogant way of giving orders and the leader would rule by intimidation and fear from the people asked to do the tasks.

Consultative- This type of authority would be much better to use so you would actually make friends with the group and stop them from hating you, the leader might share a problem with several members of a team either individually or in a group with a view to hearing ideas and suggestions.

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The leader would make suggestions in how to do something which may have been an idea of a group member, or influenced by a group member. Participative (democratic) - This type of authority means the leader would include one or more employees in the decision making process, the leader would have final decision.

This would not be a sign of weakness but a sign of strength which employees would respect and would prefer. Blind obedience has many negative effects. It can dehumanise people making them behave in awful ways, referring them to robots or machines.

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In suicide attacks, the first negative effect is the deaths and maiming of innocent people. Next there are the psychological effects on the grieving families and friends of victims. In addition to these there are long term effects, which include fear and inconvenience that millions of people have to put up with because of the security risks and security measures that result in terrorism.

There are also costs of war which are negative, in the war on terror $100 billion has been spent from America alone so far, this could have easily been spent on something else like saving lives through treatment. Positive There aren't much positive effects to blind obedience; there are definitely more negative effects. Many people that die in acts of blind obedience believe they will go to heaven or a better place than this world. The only positive effect of the holocaust is that it has inspired the world to try to make sure that such a crime never takes place again.

Updated: Aug 12, 2021
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