Pollock: An Artistic Portrait of Torment and Triumph

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The movie POLLOCK directed by Ed Harris is based on a book on Jackson Pollock, an Abstract Expressionist artist. It depicts the troubled life of Jackson Pollock spotlighting his artistic ace, his ragged inner self, his inebriation and his self annihilative disposition. POLLOCK is moving portrayal of Jackson Pollock who was suicidal and mentally agitated throughout 44 years of his life. The artist finally found success, but that failed to offer him any mental peace. His work outstandingly regulated and influenced the modern art movement.

Harris has successfully beguiled some of Pollock’s infamous furors.

Pollock was a chronic alcoholic who tied the knot with Lee Krasner, another striking artist. Movie focuses on comparatively short span of his life, commencing with Pollock being noticed by the world of art in 1941 and ending with his tragical death in a car crash in 1956. Though the movie does not really take in to account Pollock as a person, it still strongly portrays the creative process.

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Movie exemplifies Pollock ascending to fame in final 15 years of his life and his complete yielding to alcohol afterwards which caused his death in a car accident.

Pollock lunged abstractionism into modern art and then submerged himself into the wretchedness of alcohol. Movie also displays Pollock and Lee Krasner discoursing regarding the advancement and progress of modern movement while expressing criticism for each other’s work in Manhattan’s East Village. The movie also demonstrates Pollock’s techniques in a fistful of painting sequences, one of which is throwing, swashing and mizzling of paint from brush to canvas.

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Movie portrays Pollock’s miserable, opprobrious, violent, and scurrilous life in which he marries Lee Krasner, his married life being far from serene and smooth and eventually, Pollock acquires new girlfriend, Ruth Kligman, while Krasner comes out as a virulent and bitter wife. Appreciable information about Lee Krasner was not depicted by the movie. Krasner, who was from a Russian Jewish background, was critical to Pollock’s artistic emergence as she doled out her art history and background with Pollock. When Pollock and Krasner come together, Krasner turns into Pollock’s indefatigable and enthused propagandistic advocate.

She proves out to be Pollock’s driving force and helps him carry out his most adept work. Lee Krasner’s art training with Hans Hoffman and knowledge of New York art world aided Pollock in studio and afterwards. Krasner is confident, communicative and in many ways inverse of Pollock. Pollock’s boozing eclipsed criticism of compassionate Greenberg in the movie. Greenberg, who was a great proponent of formalism in Jackson’s work, defined as well as characterized the New American Painting in mid century. He explicated in some of his articles that Pollock constituted the future of art.

Ed Harris’ movie exposes Pollock as one of greatest painters of 20th century who was intricate and morbidly alcohol-dependent. Film has also presented Pollock’s struggling years of 1940s in Greenwich Village. All in all, Harris’ Pollock is a perplexed, ungratified, and mistrustful abounding of so much controlled energy and physicality. Pollock also beams of terrorizing frangibleness. The movie’s opening sequence is set in 1950 at Betty Parsons' gallery, nine years after Pollock's rise from abstruseness. Life magazine has chosen him as America’s premier painter and every canvas he touches, sells. Pollock is at the height of success and fame.

Yet Pollock has not found inner peace. Jackson Pollock, an important figure in Abstract Expressionism was fated to be perished by his own inner rage. He insecure, alcoholic, troubled as well as aced, adept and one of most skilful artists 20th century has seen. He was a victim of his own agony, furors and captive of demons he could not control. Movie depicts how Pollock found freedom and immunity from his inner demons only when he painted. Works Cited Turan, Kenneth. 2000. Movie Review: Pollock. Los Angeles Times. http://www. calendarlive. com/movies/reviews/cl-movie001214-4,0,4831077. story (accessed February 13, 2009).

Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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