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Poetry Explanation on Wordsworth's Poem

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (784 words)
Categories: Literature,Nature,Poetry
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Imagine walking through a field in early summer, around an aqua blue lake that is in the shape of a giant egg. You discover a field of daffodils that is flowing in motion like a grand “dance” full of elegance. This area is full of sublime that can only be fully appreciated by a poet. William Wordsworth has been to this place and it was the subject of his poem “I Wandered As Lonely As A Cloud. ” He entered a state of tranquility when he visited here and writes this proficient piece of poetry when he has recollections about the daffodils.

This poem questions the actual connection of man with nature. This essay will look into the figurative language, tone, theme, and imagery to discuss how the crisis of the speaker when he realizes that he cannot sustain the exalted feeling of looking out at the flowers. It will also look into the resolution, the memory, and the recollection. The figurative language hints at settle meanings that are not on the surface of this poem.

They suggest the very connection between man and nature, and man’s desire to be part of the natural world.

In this poem Wordsworth personifies the daffodils as people: “A host of golden daffodils / Fluttering and dancing in the breeze”. (Lines 4 & 6) This personification is relating the ecosystem around this majestic lake to human nature exemplified in everyday life. The speaker wants to become a part of this natural dance and become part of natures flow. People constantly want to become part of nature and Wordsworth believes that he can become a cloud in these moments of epiphany: “I wandered lonely as a cloud” (line 1) When he enters this surreal state during his recollections he also enters the sublime state of mind.

The tone of this poem starts out as ecstatic, than somber, and than ecstatic. It only takes the speaker a recollection to overcome it and enter into the sublime. The stanzas in this poem go from being an astonishment of nature, to watching, to contemplating, to being lost in thought, and then to being inspired by nature again. The poet is looking at this wonderful piece of nature and is struggling to find inspiration. He looks upon it with a “pensive mood” (Line 20) and becomes awfully upset and worried that he might not find revelations from the natural beauty in the world.

He soon rises above this by reminiscing about his encounters in nature and being inspired later on. This changes to tone in the poem to go to blissful. This is not a poem of blissful landscapes and joyful cartwheels, but one of a crisis and recollections. The plot itself is quite simple, but it is what lies underneath the surface that can confuse some. It is of a poet looking for his state of tranquility wandering and discovering in a windy field of grasses with a small patch of daffodils “dancing” on the edge of a lake.

This is a memory that delights the speaker and gives him contentment, #5 he will later recollect to this thought in a search for inspiration, Wordsworth writes: “They flash upon that inward eye / Which is the bliss of solitude;” (Lines 21 and 22) It is also a poem of crisis for all he does is gaze without thought. He wonders if he is no longer enthralled by beauty. His recollections of returning to the scene and the feeling of sublime and tranquility help to overcome this thought.

When Wordsworth is in the field of daffodils and does not enter a state of serenity and transcendence I feel sorrow for him for the place he describes through the visual imagery is so stunning that not to find inspiration should be a sin. Wordsworth describes the daffodils as being: “Beside the lake, beneath the trees / Fluttering and dancing in the breeze” (Lines 5 and 6) He shows how the daffodils are occurring in this natural and serene dance. This is a rare, minute, and breathtaking part of nature that should be partaken in by all who care to see it.

He gazes and gazes, and is swept by his sensations, but does not realize or think about the transformitive power of this recollected image. The predicament that Wordsworth encounters was overcome to write a fine piece of poetry that contains figurative language, tone, theme, and imagery to prove a connection between man, nature, and the divine sprit. This poem is the foundation of Wordsworth that must be understood to go on to understanding poems such as The Prelude. Wordsworth and the Wordsworthian style is a magnificent one that should be experienced by all.

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