Longing for Happiness: A Poem of Hope and Contentment

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The poem described the speaker’s longing and hope for her happiness in life. As she raises everyday, she depicts life at its best to fulfill her joy and contentment even if she is alone. The four stanza poem discussed the character’s identity and idea towards joy and contentment in life. The speaker wants to convey to her readers that whatever circumstances they may have; it is a great start to thank God for a new day of life. The first stanza discussed the emotions of the speaker as she faces the new day.

The second stanza discussed how she thanked her creator for the new beginning of challenges and happiness. The third stanza discussed how the speaker prayed for the people around her whether they are in the same race or not. The last stanza described how the earth is filled with gladness if equality and justice exist. The speaker described her prayer through this poem. It is a selfless desire to transform the earth into salvation and peace despite of all the injustices and social inequality.

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On the other way around, the title also described the wholeness of the poem. It serves as the identity and apparent illusion of the poem. The title of this poem showed the main idea of the poem as it reveals the attack of the poet. In conclusion to this, it can be said that the poem is too short to read and understand. The poem has simple thoughts to convey to its readers.

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The attack of the poet showed how prayer becomes powerful despite of all the troubles and fears of the society.

Updated: Apr 29, 2023
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