Pesonal Response Nicholas Sparks The Notebook Essay

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Pesonal Response Nicholas Sparks The Notebook

What is this Novel about? The structure of the novel is told on two levels – one is the present day when Allie and Noah have grown old and live in a home; the other is the story Noah reads from the notebook in which he tells how he and Allie met, fell in love, lost each other, and then found each other again. The end of their love story is tragically altered by Allie’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, but even that has no power over their love.

Who introduced you to this novel? A friend called Emily introduced me to this novel; she was reading it in the library lessons we get at school and I remember her saying that it was very different to the movie. She stated a scene that was played near the end of the movie had already been written in the novel by the page number of 30.

What appealed to you in this novel? This novel is a typical love story, of teenagers that fall in love over summer and are forced to part. What appealed to me in this novel was that I had seen and read some of Nicholas sparks other movies and books including Dear John, A walk to remember, and his newest book Safe Haven.

Is it realistic? In my opinion no I don’t think it is realistic, the notebook and books similar to the notebook are giving teenage girls a different perspective on Love. The romance portrayed in the book represents both everything that’s wrong in relationships and what woman want in relationships. This is a bad example for young adults, 1 because it is getting there hopes up that everyone will find love just like Allie and Noah and 2 because Love isn’t going to be easy.

What do you think the message is? The Message behind the notebook is simply true love, no matter what you go through, Allie got diagnosed with a disease called Alzheimer, but despite this Noah read a Notebook every day to Allie hoping for a miracle to happen. A quote I found that pretty much explains everything is ‘behind every great love, is a great story’

Who was your favorite character in this novel? My favorite character in the book is Noah, because he has pure commitment. Because he wrote to Allie after they had spent a summer together. He wrote her 365 letters one every day of the year, even with no reply because Allies mum had kept them from her.

Why did the setting interest you? The book was set in early October 1946, and Noah Calhoun lived in North Carolina, in one of the largest homes in New Bern. The setting interests me because how the author describes the town that Noah lives in sounds a lot like the town I live in, very small, everyone knows everyone, people are so generous. This setting is where Noah meet Allies as Allies family were spending there summer in this town because her father worked for R.J. Reynolds.

Was the Title a good one? Yes I do think the title was a good one, it perfectly describes the book in 2 words. The story is been read as a notebook and in fact it is a Notebook that Ally started writing when she was first diagnosed with Alzheimer so she would remember her life.

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