Personal Recount Essay

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Personal Recount

Megan did not have a bright attitude towards school. She was always not looking forward to studying because she has problem coping in school. Whenever they bring in a new topic, she sighs heavily knowing she would take a long time to understand it even though it is considered an easy topic to the rest of the class. She was always positioned last in class and having a mere fifty-five percent and below for her percentage in exams and tests. Her position in level is one of the bottom few. She did not like being in a school filled with intellegent students.

Her teacher, Mrs Tay, had asked the class to prepare a short speech to say in front of the class on what they want to be when they grow up and what are they are going to do to achieve their goal. Most of the students had said that they want to be a doctor, a lawyer, a banker or even an Army Sergent. Many of them had bright futures waiting for them. They all wanted to complete their Masters and futher their education abroad.

When it came to Megan’s turn, she look down into her script nervously and read out her speech. She was hesitant to speak the truth but she decided that she should not be embarrased as she too has embitions. She wanted to be a veternarian to help cure sick and needy animals as she had once lost her dog in a car accident. Many of her classmates were shocked. They did not expect a weak student to have high embitions. After speaking out, her classmates shouted from their seats, saying she can do it. Mrs Tay gave words of encourangement which made her delighted. After class, Megan went up to Mrs Tay. She asked her if she could have one-to-one sessions with her to help her. Mrs Tay gladly took her under her wings.

As months pass and her PSLE finishing, Megan made an increasing improvement. She was now confident in her work, partake in class work and volunteer to help others. Teachers were saying among themselves that she has changed into a positive and outspoken person unlike before. She was the role model of many students in her school.

When the day of the results of the PSLE came, Megan was confident. She knew she had done her best regardless of her aggregate. Mrs Tay passed to her her certificate and it shows A for most of her subjects. Megan jumped for joy and many of her friends went up to her to congratulate her. Her effort paid off. If she had not shared her embitions, she wouldn’t be excelling in her subjects.

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