Personal Development Plan Essay

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Personal Development Plan

Section 1: So far, I have learned that the course I have taking to complete my education, is the right path me. I have also learned that I am a hard worker, and I have attainable goals to which if I remain dedicated I will attain. My hopes in doing this development plan is to list out a clear plan for myself to maintain the momentum in my educational goals. I know that a lot of what I like to accomplish within the next 5 years relies on how well I am able to accomplish this goal. I want to be realistic in this plan. I want to be able to put together attainable goals. In this plan it has to carry a certain expectations that will guide me to see where I am and any giving point in time.

Because I want succeed in step towards completing my education, this plan is important to me. My Jungian Typology is INTJ “INTJs are idea people. Anything is possible; everything is negotiable. Whatever the outer circumstances, INTJs are ever perceiving inner pattern-forms and using real-world materials to operationalize them.” –Joe Butt I am very productive, whatever I set out to do in a day it will be done in a day. I am not easily distracted. I tend to be only curious in things that I need to understand. I am a mild external locus control, the variables in life affects our plans in ways that may not be easily to understand. Because of such possibilities, I believe our very best is required for whatever task we engage in so we can maximize our ability to succeed.

So far I am not experiencing burnout, this is also a good reason to have a plan in place when you are pursuing goals. Even in work, we have to develop a plan to handle the challenges that we may face. I believe this is why I scored 16 on the stress test. If you have an idea how you intend to be in a giving situation, you tend to Lessing the stress level that comes with it.

Section 2: OL 125: Personal Development Plan – SWOT Analysis (Milestone Two)
Strengths (What do I do well?)
Weaknesses (Where can I make improvements?)
I am a creative person.
I have an open mind, I listen to what people say.
I am slow to anger, I tend to give people room to learn from their mistakes. I am brave, not because I am not afraid, I believe that what must be done has to be done. I can be overly accommodating which can compromise my wellbeing. I can be not forthcoming at times which can affect how decisions are made. I can be enabler at times also which can give the impression that I am not interested in a particular circumstances. I tend to procrastinate on things that are easy for me to do, because I know it will not take much effort. Opportunities (What kinds of things could I be doing based on my strengths?) Threats (Where could I be using my strengths and talents more productively?)

I can be a writer. (novels, self-help books)
I can be a teacher.
I can be a motivational speaker
I can be a director (corporate, business)
The obstacles that I see that could prevent me from productive as I can be is the use of my time. I can also see that if I don’t continue to improve in my skill set through education I will not reach my professional goals. I have work on my procrastination over the little task.

I have to trust in the process of my plans and focus on attaining the level of education that I want to have

Reflection: The most interesting thing about the SWOT analysis is how simple it is to comprehend. We live out lives in parts, sometimes we never fully see how the other parts of our life affects all of our choices and action. Through SWOT analysis, we can begin to see how the parts fit. We can come up with a practical strategy to deal with our weakness and take advantage of our strength. SWOT analysis reveals that you need a plan to work right. SWOT analysis is a good strategic tool to use evaluate how we work. Quast, L (2013) Section 3: OL 125: Personal Development Plan – PEST Analysis (Milestone Three)




1. Taxes- I am concern about how the taxation system will affect my income. 2. Civil liberties- as governments fall all over the world and the threat of terrorist attack a growing reality in our days, I fear that my civil liberties will be affected 3. Healthcare- want to see harmonization of healthcare across America. The reluctance of the populace of the United States of America to accept the healthcare law, while there is nothing else in place to replace it, may make it difficult to harmonize healthcare across America. The increased pressure on the uninsured to get a healthcare insurance may lead to civil unrest.


1. Domestic economic growth is slow and difficult to predict. 2. International economic growth is unstable and it affects our domestic economy. 3. Interest rate- the fluctuation interest rate makes it difficult to invest with confidence. Federal and State rules on taxation can improve the economy environment. If the economy growth does not improve, more people will be out of jobs and those out jobs will find it difficult to find new jobs.


1. Education-Society and culture has to continue to stress on the importance of education. 2. Terrorism- the international committee growing together to combat terrorism. 3. Lifestyle and attitude towards social culture changes

I see more educated and skilled engineers on various projects that I work on. The need for tolerance in the work place is needed now more than ever without a social-cultural emphasis on education ignorance will cause many problems in the work place.


1. Emerging technology- the Impact of emerging technology on daily business activities is increasing. 2. Outsourcing- globalization labor cost is catching up to domestic labor cost. 3. Economic Variable- The growth of technology is affecting the predictable pattern of global economic growth. Emerging technology is the foundation of the next technological boom. The pattern of sustainable growth in the technology sector may stall because of lack of skill labor force to guide its growth.

Reflection: I see that by making effective use of PEST Analysis, one can ensure that whatever they are doing will be aligned positively with the agents of change that affect the global community. By paying attention and taking advantage of the observed changes, one can maximize the possibilities of being successful than if your activities oppose it.

Section 4:
Fill out the chart below with the three practical goals you have developed during this course: Goals
Action Steps
Potential Obstacles
Plan to Overcome
Try to attend class consistently.

Create days and time to accomplish reading assignments then post on the discussion board early enough to get some feedbacks.

Work schedule and obligation may interfere.

Set a day to finish reading assignment and post in the discussion board. Work on one weak area from the assessment test.

Pay attention to the areas in my leadership that may need a conscious effort to develop. Not every scenario from work allows me to implement the things I have learned. Be patient and wait for the opportunity to put in practice the improvement that I have learned. Apply myself to becoming a better manager.

As an IT manager, there are so many crisis that sometimes you develop a routine of jumping in to help instead of letting the team leads to do their job. Some issue may be kept from me until it is too late to do something about it. Trust in those who are put in place to lead, and allow them to do their job.

Final Reflection: This plan will work because it is part of the basic principles that makes one a good student or a manager. It will show in my leadership, and those who are affected by my decisions will see me in a better light. It would also prove to me that making a decision to continue my education despite the success I now enjoy from professional career, has not been a waste of time.

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