Performance Management Essay

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Performance Management

Q: 1
Be able to identify and agree performance objective

Explain link between individual team and organizational objective Link between organizational objective and the team is very important for the progress of an organization. Organizational objective are set in order to achieve the goal of an organization. Every organization has an aim to achieve so until every single member of staff not know the objective of the organization it’s difficult to achieve that goal. In an organization there are certain groups and each group has different teams. Every individual team has different task to do but all these different tasks are linked to the main objective of the organization and all the individual team tasks are support the objective of organization to fulfill. If the organizational objective is clear to the every individual team member than it’s easy to achieve team task. Principal behind the link between individual team and organizational objective is that if the individual team knows the organizational objective than they can play better role to achieve objective and can easily complete their individual task which support to achieve organizational objective.

Identify the selection of and agree individual and team objectives Team is group of people which work together to achieve goal every team member has different task which related to the objective of the team. Agreeing team objective is more difficult to agreeing individual objective because there are more people involved mean more skill, experience and handling problem with different ways. So than one should be more carefully deal when agreeing the team objective. Identifying and selection of and agree individual and team objective has very important for achieving the main objective of organization. If we selected right persons for achieving the individual objectives then it’s easy to achieve the team objective as well as organizational.

Every team has its own team leader and he has an objective to achieve to complete that objective he has to complete different task to complete he has to select right person from his team to fulfill that task .for different tasks he has to select different people from his team to achieve that task which support to complete the overall team objective. When team leader give task (individual objective) to his team member he should give him step by step training to achieve his goal. On other hand each team member should know the team objective as well to achieve their goal. Every individual and team objective should be SMART

Identify and agree area of individual and team responsibility in achieving objective Every individual and team should to understand his responsibility and try his best to agree with his responsibilities. Successful team can be responsible of different tasks and team objective which support the organizational objective the main responsibility of team is to achieve his team objective. Help each individual to complete his task. Every team should follow the planned the assignment which set by the director of the organization because every team objective is linked to organizational objective. Team should inform the project manager of task status and any problem arisen.

Every team should select right person having right skill and knowledge to compete the task. Every individual should also try his best to achieve his goal because it’s important to achieve the team objective as well as organizational objective. Every team member should make real effort to build strong relational ship with each other. Each team member should give support feedback and gaudiness to other team member to achieve goal. Each staff member expresses loyalty and motivates other to work. If team and all individual are fulfil their responsibilities then it’s easy to achieve the organizational goal.

Identify the need to create an environment of trust and support with other Environment of trust and support in team member and organization is very useful to achieving the organizational goal If the entire individual in team has good relationship then they support each other give them feedback and gaudiness as well by this it’s easy to achieve goal for them. As we know that’s individuals objective supports to achieve team as well as organizational objective. So that as manger one should build following things to make environment pleasant

* Increasing relation between staff member
* Decreasing clashes to the neutral
* Try to convert neutral to good and leading to excellence Advantages of Trusting
* Staff member are more willing to share idea and work sincerely
* Staff member are more willing to help each other and try their best to achieve the goal.
* Saving of recourses (physical and financial)

* More motivated for working
* Sincere with organization

Q2: Be able to assess performance and provide feedback
2.1: Evaluate and assess individual and team performance against objectives Assessing performance of individual and team performance against objective is very important for overall performance of the organization because it’s related to the overall performance of the organization. Best team and individual performance is which support the organization performance.

Identifying objective

Easy way to assess the performance is to split the objective in different tasks and give each task to the team and further to the individuals. Assessing performance

Balanced analysis of performance beside designed objectives, taking all applicable factors into account. After doing that one have to check the results of the each task giving to the team and individuals as well. If they achieve than they can build success to achieving the main objective of the organization and if they cannot achieve the desirable performance then organization should think about the problems which prevent them to achieve desirable performance. Then first thing is to take in account is that the team at least understands the objective of the organization because without understanding the objective no one can achieve goal.

There are also many other factor which can be affect the performance of the individual and the team like No enough support and training, Unsuitable environment and Financial problems etc. These are some factor which should be taken in to account to improve the performance to the desirable level. 2.2 Identify the method to providing feedback to individual and team on performance Feedback can be define as process in which the effect or output of an action is returned to modify the next action Feed back is actually comments about something with which you have any type relation. Feed back is of two types positive or negative

Positive feedback is good to improve yourself and identify your weakness and you can improve it if you want. Negative feedback is destructive and base on fact and reality which cause of angry and disturbance Usually feedback is taken from website, monthly or yearly review, survey or customer etc. There are many Methods to provide the feedback

Sandwich method7 (expect a negative comment after praise).
BOOST Method
• Balanced – contain together decent and beneficial points
• Observed – only give samples of what you have seen the somebody say or do
• Objective – feedback should be truthful and not an spasm on someone’s character
• Specific – always use exact patterns
• Timely – feedback should be given as near to the occasion as possible. EEC model8
• Example – what performance you have detected
• Effect – on the viewers, on you, on your examination
• Change – what change in performance do you expect

Feedback should be taken from serious personality
Feedback should be taken after event soon
Find someone private for feedback
Give enough time to give feed back
Take good care of privacy and honesty while taking feedback
After taking feed back its very sensitive mater to provide the feedback so it should be handle very carefully. The purpose of providing feedback to the team and individual should be basis of maintenance, improving performance. While providing feedback to team or the individuals something should be keep in mind Positive points should be first to reduce conflict.

It should be like information sharing.
It should be not over loaded or in detail.
During providing feedback it required ability of patient.
Language should be expressive of specific behaviours rather than general remarks representing value judgments. All comments should be based upon visible performance and not assumed motives.

2.3 Identify the cause of conflict and describe strategies to minimize or prevent conflict Business dictionary define conflict as friction or opposition resulting from actual or perceived differences or incompatibilities.

2 Conflict may be positive or negative.

There are many cause of conflict
Personal factor
Lack of information
If any staff member is unconscious about information of any event, reformation or any other happening in the organization cause conflict. Skill deficits
Lack of skill and knowledge also cause conflict.
Personality and style differences
Everybody in the organization has different style and personality that’s also cause of conflict in the organization. Substance abuse and Family problems also cause of conflict in the organization.
Organizational factor

There are some organizational factor are also cause of conflict in the organization like
If the leadership is not leading his organization properly than it’s the big cause of conflict.
Lack Managing qualities in organizational managing team cause conflict among its members
Insufficient budget and improper distribution cause conflict in organization. Poor communication among the leadership, management and the staff member cause of conflict in the organization. Different values of different staff member, personality clashes and poor performance also the cause of conflict in the organization.

Solution of conflict in the organization is hidden in following factors
Minimizing authorities
By the minimizing authorities conflicts decrease.
Improving polices
By improving polices of organization to decreasing conflict


Communication among staff member is solution of conflict. Due to poor communication they can say nothing to the higher authorities and cause conflict between them. By Providing support to the staff member also reduce conflict. Injustices in rewarding staff member or injustices in any other matter are also cause conflict so that justice in every matter is a solution of conflict as well. If there is conflict between any of the staff member of the organization then one should take following steps

Step 1: Intervene

Where conflict exist one should involved his self in the problem and let know about people involved in it.

Step 2: Listen and discuss

By allowing every person to give their views and opinions you will have the opportunity to hear what each person thinks, and they will have the chance to hear what the others involved think, too.

Step 3: Make your position clear

You have to make your position clear which is acceptable by every involved parties or individual

Step 4: Negotiate a win/win outcome

One should make his position neutral in the situation and make agree everyone on the same opinion which is acceptable to every one

Step 5: Monitor the situation

After the you have to arrange some formal and informal meeting to monitor situation A formal follow-up meeting attended by all interested parties and Informal meetings just to check how things are going.

2.4 Explain recording system for performance assessment for individual or team The accomplishment of a given task measured against present known standards of accuracy, completeness, cost, and speed. In a contract, performance is deemed to be the fulfilment of an obligation, in a manner that releases the performer from all liabilities under the contract. 5 The maintenance of a history of one’s activities, as financial dealings, by entering data in ledgers or journals, putting documents in files4, etc. is known as recording system. Recording system for any organization is very necessary to improve itself and to achieve desirable performance. There should be recording system in organization for performance assessment for every team and individual. There should be link between team and individual previous performance with current performance. By this we can check its progress and taking step against poor performance is easy.

Recording system of performance of individuals and team are very important for the maintenance and improving performance. If the recording system of performance is exist in the organization then it’s easy to compare the performance of any individual and team and can easily obtain their progress report. Other advantage of the performance recording system is that all the individual and teams try to improve their performance to keep their record good for good reputation in the organization. So there should be a proper system in the organization for keep record of performance of the team and the individuals. All monthly and the annuals performance reports should keep in record. If some individual or team perform well or make a big mistake should also keep in record for basics of appreciation and maintenance.

Q3 Be able to understand performance support for improvement.

Explain performance improvement cycle
Performance improvement cycle is a cycle of development. If someone has poor performance then one should has to be pass through the improvement cycle to develop his abilities to show better performance. There are following steps of improvement cycle


In this step you have to identify his weakness and reason of his weakness. This is very important step of the improvement cycle because without correct identification diagnose of problem is not possible. After identify problem you have to identify its reason also.


After identify the problem and its reason than you have to look at all the opportunities available to improve its weakness.

Agree plan of action

After look at all opportunities you have to decided that which one are more opportunities suit you to improve his weakness and then you have to act upon his plan.


After that you have monitor to monitor performance. If everything is going as you want and agreed then you will be able to encourage the team member. If the things are not going well then you have to sit again to argue the trouble and find the key.

3.2 Discuss the indicator of poor performance

Poor performance is define as when member of your team performing less than your hope. There are many reasons behind the poor performance that’s why it’s not an easy job to find out the reason of poor performance. But to find out the reason of the poor performance is very important because without indicating any problem cure of problem is difficult. There is some common reason of the poor performance.

* Targets and goals are out of reach.
* Team member of staff is insincere
* Quantity of work
* Team members’ ability is not appropriate
* Team member is slow in taking decisions
* Team member is not experiences and skilled.
* Lack of knowledge
* Lack of motivation
These are main factor which are main cause of the poor performance by improve these you can easily improve performance. You can set the stander of performance
By written job description
By clearing Objective of organization and out come to member
Competence of statement
To improve the poor performance of the organization is very important to achieve the goal .there are few steps which are use to improve poor performance of the organization.
If individual staff member is not performing well that you have to look at his life out of work may be he cannot performing well due to some family or personal problems. You should try to solve problem if possible.

Training or coaching

If the staff member or not performing well then maybe they need training and coaching to doing that job. After giving them proper training about their job and then monitor them if you got desirable result then they can support to achieve objective of organization.

Performance improvement plan

Performance improvement plan is a written formal plan to improve the poor performance. There are following steps in it
* Identify the problem and its reason
* Opportunities
* Agree plan of action
* Review
By this plan one can easily improve his self.
That is last step to improving poor performance. Some time employees improve their self when they get last warring. After that if one never improves his self than one dismiss from job. ————————————————-


Discus the organization’s disciplinary and grievance procedures Every organization has its own rule and regulation but some of the rules linked with the citizen rights and human rights. Especially in United Kingdom any organization cannot dismiss any employee for job without any reason or sold proof so that if any organization does this then the organization has to answer in court. To dismiss any employee the following thing should take in to account * You have to give approx. three warnings

1. Informal warning
2. Formal warning
3. Written last warning
* The contract with employee and organization should expired * Organization should have sold proof of his poor performance After that you can dismiss any employee without this if you dismiss any employee due to some personal or family problem than you have to answer in court and may be you have to pay plenty. Grievance allows the individual to compliant to their management. Due to the grievance individual never do uninformed action. Due to this the communication between the employee and management increase and reduce conflict between them as well. Due to complain of employee you can identify many problems to improving performance.

Role of manager in disciplinary and grievance procedure

Role of manger in the disciplinary procedure a manger should have good relationship between employees. So that he can reach to the real situation of the problem. He should know about that problem seriousness. If problem is serious. Than in this case employee has to dismiss. That’s dark point of management. Following thing a manger should take in to account?

The problem should genuine
There should not personal problem or family problem
There should be witness
There should be documentary proof
After this a manger can dismissing the employee

Grievance is problems or complains that employee lift up against their employers. The role of manager in this situation is very important. He should arrange meeting with the employer and employees. Responsibility of the manager is in this situation is to listen all complains and problem very carefully and attentively with non-judgment condition. So that employees can speak freely. If some think is not clear then manger should ask it again. Manger should understand all complains and his understanding should be same as employer. In this entire situation the manger should be fair.

4.3 Summaries the key aspect of legislation that applies to an organization’s disciplinary and grievance procedure The act or process of making laws; enactment is known as legislation5 All the employees should be aware of the organizational disciplinary and grievance procedure. When the employee entre to organization. He/she should know about disciplinary and grievance procedure. If organization wants change in procedure they should call meeting. Key aspect of the disciplinary and grievance procedure is below Disciplinary

* Keys to handling disciplinary issues in the workplace
* Establish the facts of each case
* Inform the employee of the problem
* Hold a meeting with the employee to discuss the problem
* Allow the employee to be accompanied at the meeting
* Decide on appropriate action
* Provide employees with an opportunity to appeal
* Special cases
There is an Acas (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) Code of Practice on disciplinary and grievance procedures . It sets out principles that you and your employer should follow to achieve a reasonable standard of behaviour in handling grievances.9 * Let the employer know the nature of the grievance

* Hold a meeting with the employee to discuss the grievance
* Allow the employee to be accompanied at the meeting
* Decide on appropriate action
* Allow the employee to take the grievance further if not resolved
* Overlapping grievance and disciplinary case
* Collective grievances

Legislation is define as a law or set of laws suggested by a government and made official 4 Key aspect of legislation of organization’s disciplinary and grievance procedures are above mention if theses key aspect use to solve the disciplinary and grievance scenario in the organization then it’s good for both employer and employee and they will not be not face and legislation act. But if employee or employer not follows the proper way as describe to solve grievance and disciplinary then they have to face the court.

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