Barriers In Performance Management

There are some unintelligent things that Managers do and they often destroy individual performance evaluation system. Mostly they take help from H. R. Department in preparing the appraisal of the employee, that situation destroys the worth of performance evaluation procedure. Employing An Automated Mechanism It is a new expansion. The process of performance appraisal can be automated by buying software. That helps to give a false appearance that something is being done useful. In fact, it is an interpersonal communication course.

Automating the course is a waste of time and money as well and in the same way HR Departments are acting like a benevolent work for the sellers of this automated mechanism. Untrained Managers In The Course When the Forms or appraisal evaluation are sent to the managers by HR Department which they design in new way of doing performance appraisal. The concerned managers do not aware the real object of the same. Upon shouting of the HR members, the managers send the forms back, but not much extra.

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Managers require a thorough training about the appraisal and its importance within the organization. In absence of this awareness, one gets an empty paper pursue. One-Sided approach Consider the problem for HR department if each and every manager employed a different form, or different procedure, how would it be kept on one track and organized the same. Problem is that the HR Department anticipates managers to employ a single instrument for every one, frequently a rating form. This sort of rigidity deals with lodging problems.

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Ralston says; Unluckily, HR management gets trapped with the obligations of acquiring appraisals prepared by managers (1996). Possibly it is not their liability but it is a firm sign that the prevailing system is unsuccessful. Every manager is evaluated on a number of things in an appropriately operating organism, one of that would be accomplishment of the functioning management and appraisal process. The obligation stands with the management. If the responsibility is not driven out by the manager, the concerned boss ought to be assessing the manager.

Latest Trends and Issues Managing human resource for an organization, is perhaps, more difficult then management of other resources. This area on management has its own issues, which must be dealt effectively. Yi, states that; human resource is life blood for every organization (2002), and when we talked about multinational organization it usually based on such human resources who are from different regions, languages, cultures, backgrounds and religions. Following are some issues that HR managers deal while carrying their routine jobs.

Benefits and Rewards HR managers have to take good care while offering benefits and rewards to employees. If they offer handsome benefits and rewards to specific employees or they are unable to offer it fairly, in such cases moral of other employees goes down and eventually damages their performances. Downsizing Strategic management of organizations often force HR management to help them in cutting down their operating cost. “This trend gave way to the re-engineering era, the product of the early 1990s' economic downturn.

Re-engineering became synonymous with downsizing and with it came a real decline in most industry’s R;D efforts. HRM was now asked to shift its focus to helping the organization function in a more lean, productive, and efficient manner. ” (Burke, 2004, p. 259) Therefore, HR management often utilizes, downsizing tool to help this cause. It then becomes a serious issue, which employee should continue and which should not. They have to be very sure that there is no shortage of employees to avoid any potential threat.

Updated: May 19, 2021
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