Undervalued Desires: When Others Take for Granted What You Dream Of

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It was all what I desired. It was what I dreamt of long in the past. However it was all taken for given by the individuals around me, especially him. The whole time I believed he would never discover me. I always get I desired however I believe it is excluding him. I have constantly been so aggressive and strong willed in getting what I required and desired however the idea of him simply absolutely makes me weak, it gives shiver to my inner bones.

Yes, I think this is love. Uncomfortable and ridiculous it may sound however yes, I remain in love. I am in love with someone I know will never ever love me back.

Time came when I had a chance to invest one day with him. It was such an incredible event for me and I stated to myself that I would do whatever to let him feel that how much I cherish him even just for one day.

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We were group mates at a school job that is why we got the opportunity to invest the remainder of the day. As a female, I stayed dignified and made up as we did our job. We have understood each other for quite a very long time now, so we had some chitchats and shared some laughter's at our group mate's house.

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We had some rest and we viewed motion pictures, and after that right after we viewed motion pictures we had some ice breaker where in we had fact or dare.

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Unfortunately, it was my possibility to speak and I was doubtful to address there concerns concerning who is the person that I most admire and love. I truly thought it was not a good possibility and was not an excellent concept to say the truth that is why I informed them the exact opposite. Then it was his turn, to my surprise he stated that he does admire somebody however he is shy to reveal what he feels for that somebody because he may get turned down.

I began to believe who might that fortunate woman be, however we went on and continue doing our project. After 8 hours of doing our project we finally made it and off we go home to prepare ourselves for school the next morning. I was so amazed that he offered me a ride. As we were on our way, he suddenly said that he likes me, he likes me a lot. I might not include my feelings that time. I might not understand what I would feel. Will I sob? Will I laugh? He stated that I was the girl he was speaking about that he enjoys and appreciate however he hesitates to express to that lady what he feels due to the fact that he may just get turned down.

After expressing what he felt for me, I just kept quiet and listen to him very carefully. I noticed how heartfelt his words were and how sincere he was. I told him that as of now we should get to know each other better because if we were really meant to be then no matter what happens will still end up with each other. I also told him to wait until we are both ready emotionally and physically, for true love really waits. I felt so happy when it happened. I can say that it was one of the most memorable events in my life.

I realized that I still get what I want but this time, I was not doing it in an aggressive way but I allow things to happen as the way they should be because I also believed that if it is meant for me then it will be given to me. Every time I recall that experience I still feel the happiness I had experienced that time. That cloud nine experience led to a romantic relationship with him that until now I am still cherishing. Before I thought it was all a dream to love him, but after that event I came to believe that dreams do happen. If dreams are really destined for you then it shall come to pass with no struggles and circumstances.

Updated: Apr 29, 2023
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