Previous non-native language learning: Formal or Informal?

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My mother tongue is Bengali which is being spoken in our house since my childhood. I have done my preliminary education from Doon. While schooling I’ve studied in English as my first language and Hindi being the second. Thereafter after completing my secondary education I came to Kolkata where in I got a chance to learn Bengali i.e. my mother tongue. As I didn’t like the language I didn’t learn it very sincerely also.

As English was my favourite subject during my school days.

After finishing my higher secondary, I applied for my Graduation in Communicative English where my subjects were Functional English, Business English, Alternative English & General English .We never had general classes or so called text books but main emphasis was given on communicative language based teaching. CLT is usually characterized as a broad approach to teaching, rather than as a teaching method with a clearly defined set of classroom practices.

We were made to interact more and more by giving different situations based topic to discuss so as to practice group discussion in class; authentic texts were used to make the learning meaningful like reading newspaper headlines and describing the situations to the class.

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We were given role plays based on situation practice. For e.g a visit to a doctor for treatment of any disease. Then we were made to practice speaking, listening skills with audio/video aids. The objective of the course was to express yourself fluently in different communicative contexts (both professional and everyday usage).

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It taught me English Grammar along with speaking, reading, writing as well as listening skills. I was able to improve my pronunciation and intonation and where to stress on syllables.

It also helped me learn business communication; call centre English, report writing for mass communication. It also helped me enhance my public speaking skills, preparing me for job market. Hence I would say consider this aspect of teaching more effective rather than traditional mode of teaching

Updated: May 03, 2023
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