Pareting Skills Essay

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Pareting Skills

1)What is positive parenting?
Positive parenting is when you encourage good behavior, good communication, and help your children maintain high self-esteem.
2)What is discipline? How does it differ from punishment?
Discipline is to teach your child from their mistake and it’s different from punishment because punishment is when your child doesn’t abide by the rules nor does something they were told not to do.
3)What is active listening? Why is it used by parents?

Active listening is when the child learns from being given feedback about what they do. Parents use active listening so their child learns from what they did and what they can do to What is guidance? Provide an example of a parent providing guidance to a child? Guidance is guiding your child in the right direction. An example of a parent providing guidance to a child is if your child is yelling in the library instead of yelling back at him telling him to shut up, tell him to talk lower. 4)Where can families and parents find support and resources? Families and parents find support and resources by going to classes for caring for infants, churches, schools, doctors’ offices, and community centers.

Do you think positive parenting techniques work? Why or why not? Yes I think positive parenting techniques work because I feel that children respond positively when parents are not negative. 1.Choose one of the three scenarios presented at the beginning of the module. Describe how you would handle the situation. •You come home from work and find that your middle school-aged daughter hasn’t finished her homework, even though she was supposed to have the homework done so that you could have a family movie night Since she didn’t do her homework before I got home; while everyone is watching the movie for movie night she will be doing her homework and will not be able to join the family until she is finished

1)Why are consequences an important part of positive parenting? Consequences are an important part of positive parenting because if your child doesn’t have any consequences for their actions they will keep doing the things they do.

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