Outdoor Advertising and Product Placement

The media tools that we suggest for Anlene is outdoor advertising which is under the traditional media channel. Outdoor advertising is any advertisement that publicizes the product and services at outdoor. There are more than 40 types of outdoor advertising, with billboards being the most widely recognized media. Types of outdoor advertising include bus benches billboards, taxis, poster and so on. Billboard advertising is one of the most popular ways of advertising outdoors because it seems everyone notices those big billboards when they are driving, being a passenger in a car, or walking down the street.

Billboard advertising can be large and spectacular, making passenger major attention getting device. Anlene can be choosing a specific and great geographic area can works well for promoting the product. It can target the potential peoples in particular area. It is a large billboard advertising that can found in highway, traffic area, city area and so on.

If Anlene can build a billboard on a potential placement, it can catch people’s attention and create a memorable impression.

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After them leaving the billboard, they will recall back the advertisement that driven past it. Driver must pay attention to the traffic as they travel by the billboard. Anlene can choose some area which normally occur traffic jam. When people stuck in slow-moving traffic, they will spend more time to look at the billboard. Driver usually read the billboard while passed at high speed so it should have large and clear word print or arresting image in brilliant colour.

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Anlene can use clear and simple billboard so that it can easily bring an impression and message to viewer.

Since a billboard stay in the same place for a period of a month or more, people who drive by or walk past, they will see the same billboard a number of times. Since the people who see the billboard of Anlene number of time, it wills quickly gaining the popularity of Anlene brand. As we know, the colour of Anlene is already created an impression for customer which is green and white. Therefore, the billboard of Anlene is using green and white colour so that when driver view by far away, they automatically can notice that the billboard advertising is Anlene.

Anlene can have a creative and using colour to attract the viewer, it have more impact. Digital billboard also kind of outdoor advisement, it can show the creative and the colour of Anlene to catch attention of people. But digital billboard more likely have to build in traffic area, airport and some of the place that can take a few minutes to watch it. Billboard is a 24 hour exposure advertisement, it is more catch more attention of viewer than others media tools.

Product placement

The second media tools we suggest for Anlene is product placement which is under alternative marketing tools. Product placement is an advertising technique used by companies to promote their products through a non-traditional advertising technique, usually through appearances in film, television, or other media. Product placements are often initiated through an agreement between a product manufacturer and the media company in which the media company receives economic benefit. A company will often pay a fee to have their product used, displayed, or significantly featured in a movie or show. Anlene companies are trying to promoting their products in popular movies and television shows. These advertisements can be seen in popular films. Due to the major success of advertising in movies and TV shows, the marketers move on to the next level and started to use web videos, video games, music videos and other entertainment mediums.

Product placement offers several advantages to manufacturers, producers and movie stars. It provided Anlen companies with an opportunity to be associated with famous actors and to use movie footage and stills to conveniently advertise the products. As it pertains to the producers and actors, they earned substantial amount in fees as well as the chance to endorse brands in various film. When a star uses a branded product in a film, there’s an implied celebrity endorsement of that product. This can create a high level of awareness and a strong emotional connection to that product. A high profile star may draw more attention to Anlene product. It can change audiences purchase behaviours and creating favourable practitioners’ views on the brand. Product placement is and investment for brands that trying to reach audience.

There are strong reasons for investors to expect that film product placement will increase consumer awareness of particular brand. Product placement can let people to recognize Anlene brand names that appeared in the movies. Anlene can place their product to fits with the image of film. When Anlene brand product placement is done well, it allows consumers to see the brand whether they watch their favourite film at home on television, by renting a DVD or online on their computer. The purpose is to achieving the audience exposure, attention and interest. It helps Anlene to increase their brand awareness and also make consumer create instant recognition in the media vehicle.

High involvement is required to view a movie than for viewing television. A majority of movie watchers have a positive attitude toward this form of marketing communication, feeling it is preferable to commercials shown on the screen before the movie. More frequent viewers and they will enjoy movie more and pay more attention to product placement in the movie. Product and brands nowadays can expand into video games and even creating their own games. Active product placement in computer games can have positive effects. Anlene can exposure their product in a computer game can increase the brand attitude among consumers whose original attitude toward the brand is fairly low. Product placement within computer games has been found to be an effective mean of building high brand recall and even of influencing consumers less positively predisposed toward the brand.

Updated: Apr 12, 2021
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