Outdoor Advertising Association of the Philippines

Outdoor Marketing Association of the Philippines (OAAP) became one of the sectoral members of Adboard on May 1974. The history of outside marketing dates back during ancient times when male carved stone plates to communicate ideas by displaying them in public places. For this reason, outside advertising was currently present and regarded as a main medium of advertising prior to print ads and radio broadcasting has been introduced in the market. Billboard operators and owners collaborated to form a vibrant organization in an effort to promote development and enhancement in Philippine outside marketing.

Thus, OAAP was established on August 13, 1964 along with the creation of the Code of Ethics. The Code takes an eight-point framework which standardizes the structures and operating practices of outdoor advertising displays. It stresses urgent need to fall within governmental policies, objectives and code of ethical conduct. • Avoid installing billboards/advertisements of competing products or firms side by side or on the same line of vision; • All outdoor signs must be properly identified;

• temporary structure erected on proposed locations to identify the actual site of construction must be respected; • Avoid the installation of a board to cover another board.

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As to outdoor advertising copy, it shall not in any way contain a statement or convey messages or visual displays that are:

• Obscene or offensive to public decency;
• False, misleading or deceptive;
• Offensive to the moral standards of the community; and
• Violative of any national or local law.

OAAP has 89 active members all over the Philippines, 63 in Metro Manila, 15 in Cebu City and 13 in the newly-formed Mindanao Chapter.

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The following are some of its regular members:

OAAP has 89 active members all over the Philippines, 63 in Metro Manila, 15 in Cebu City and 13 in the newly-formed Mindanao Chapter.

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Outdoor Advertising Association of the Philippines

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