Outcome Evaluation Strategies for Domestic Violence Service Programs

The government has many programs for victims reach out for help. But the problem is there aren’t enough people willing to listen without being judgmental. These programs will provide the victim with the minimal of care because it’s their job. They no longer do their jobs. For example, social workers. Most social workers are so overloaded they don’t even go through to investigate most abuse cases because they begin to think that every case is the same. They don’t pay attention to detail or want to do anything because the job itself is so overwhelming.

Social workers are state workers that the government has issued to do a job, but they don’t provide adequate service to those who are really I need. Even in the court house you can witness a judge say that there is not enough evidence to remove a child from and abusive environment, but as soon as they child is severely hurt they want to go after the parent or person who tried to get the child removed.

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Now this child will grow up, if they survive, to be angry not only with the person who tried to help them. But will also be angry with the system that was put into play to protect them. What about when people file police reports because they have an abusive spouse? They go to court, present their case in front of a judge just for the judge to dismiss the case because of various reasons.

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It may be a child involved that will missing a parent, or they believe the lies that the abuser tells instead of the documented evidence. The weeks to follow the same person who was reaching out the right people for help are dead or barely alive. This is when the help does something.

The government needs more adequate and efficient ways of helping to prevent these things from happening. They should offer open therapy sessions are recreations centers for those who don’t have the best insurance or insurance at to attend. The government should do weekly neighborhood visits to just check on the well-being of the community. We hear about all the bad and tragic outcomes of abuse, what about having workshops or events where people tell their story. It just may save the next persons life. It’s not enough to provide what people want to hear. People need to hear about the number of unreported deaths due to physical abuse as well as those that have survived. I myself am a survivor of abuse. So, I know that my story will possibly help that woman who was raped. People of all ages have a story to tell. The government needs to do more for them. Their mental, emotional, and physical life depend on it.

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