Operation Management at Singapore Telecom

In order to do so, airlines aligns their supply chain accordingly by conducting several tradeoffs to achieve breakthrough performance in cycle time, or turnaround time as it is called in the airline industry. These initiatives include no assigned seating, no inter-airline baggage or ticketing, and standardized airplanes for quick maintenance between stops (Carbo 1999). Telecommunication is another industry that experience aggressive transformation as the result of the endless innovation in application, data access, and networking technologies.

Undoubtedly, currently we are in the midst of a period of rapid change in this particular kind of technology.

So an understanding of some of the basics of IT and telecommunications technologies is vital for operations managers. One of aggressive telecommunication company or carrier is Singapore Telecom (SingTel) that offers a broad range of services that customers can choose from. Currently, their network is equipped with the latest services such as General Packet Radio Services (GPRS) and Universal Mobile Telecommunications Systems (UMTS) that provide customers with convenience data access.

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Figure 2 Operations Management System of Singapore Telecom As stated previously in this paper, an organization must perform operations management because it produces some mixture of products and services. This issue also highlights that SingTel Mobile realizes that operations management has significant impact on the cost to produce its services and hence has influenced the revenue coming into the organization.

The continuous expansion plan in acquiring several mobile carriers throughput the Asia Pacific is in line with the company’s strategy to catch up with the company’s objective as stated in operations management that are quality, speed, dependability, flexibility, and cost.

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To ensure competitiveness among other mobile operators, SingTel Mobile continues perform customers satisfaction survey. For example, SingTel Mobile’s recent survey has strengthened its focus on the customer paid off.

It emerged first in satisfaction among mobile phone users in Singapore. It also scored the highest scores among Singaporean operators in all the survey indicators (“Regional”). 1. 1. Automobile Industry According to some posts, the success of foreign auto manufacturers in surpassing U. S. companies in terms of number of production and brand image is due to they (foreign auto manufacturers) have lower cost structures as the result of cheaper labor costs and material costs.

After disclosing several facts highlighting the reasons why foreign companies outperform the American counterparts, these reasons begin to sound more like excuses rather than efforts to analyze the situation and made improvements. Analysts confirm that underlying reasons why foreign auto manufacturers are in overall better then the Americans are due to their lower material cost and lower labor cost in their original production environment, but people should not forget that these foreign auto manufacturers have proven themselves by producing more fuel efficient, longer lasting and higher quality cars also.

The later factor is the one we must pay more attention to in order to gain a fair comparison between foreign auto manufacturers and US. This is true, especially when those foreign manufacturers have already established production facilities in US soils for years now, using US materials and complying to US labor standards, and still ahead of US auto manufacturers in terms of production cost efficiency.


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Operation Management at Singapore Telecom

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