Online Consumer Shopping Habits and Behavior

Internet applications have evolved drastically in the last two decades. People these days are more occupied with very busy & hectic schedule. In such scenario, online shopping for daily needs is a great pain reliever. Online shopping is also growing along with growth in the internet. On the top of that online buying techniques are getting even simpler to attract customers. Due to this Business to Customer shopping domain is on the rising path. As the marketing is being competitive, online goods providing companies are trying to understand the customer’s purchase behavior and trying to win as many customers as they can.

Thus, online shopping has also become a suitable way for consumers due to ease, less time, home delivery, good return policy in case of faulty good delivered and many other advantages.

Features of Online Shopping

Online Shop is nothing else, but a part of the e-commerce industry which enables consumers to purchase goods or services from an e-seller with the help of internet.

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They are also called as: online store, web store, e-store, virtual store, Internet shop & e-shop. Customer not only buys goods, but also uses the internet for getting other product information, product comparison, price checking, comparison, delivery status review, sending gifts etc. purposes. Online shopping benefits are Time saving, all time accessibility, no need to travel, no queues etc. & many others like these. These all things impact on customer buying behavior & decision making.

Online shops provide a search option on e-shop to find desired products to customers.

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Consumer purchases online multiple products due to the simplicity & their trust in this process. Supplier office information, customer care center numbers, emergency contact numbers, delivery tracking etc. multiple provisions are available to win the customer’s trust. Payment by credit card, debit card, cash on delivery etc. multiple payment options are possible. Online marketers are influencing customer behavior to change their traditional buying habits and turn focus on online shopping.

Disadvantages of Online Shopping

As there are number of advantages offered to customers, there are also multiple disadvantages that customers face. Products received is not desired product, Faulty product delivered, failed transaction, no confirmation of payments, multiple stages to complete the process, data security threats, spam messages, additional or higher shipping charges, no physical product experience, hidden costs, lack of product related information, marketing trap, false information etc. Consumers shall think of all these barriers. Hence even after all these possible difficulties consumers involvement in online shopping is a key to successful buying decision.

Nowadays, some people want to get rid of stress by spending money. Although this behavior can be a good way as retail therapy, it has side effects like bankruptcy because of credit card disbursement. As a result of this, shoppers must train how they control themselves while they are shopping.

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Online Consumer Shopping Habits and Behavior

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