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Nick Vujicic was born without limbs and had to overcome many obstacles. When Nick was young he eventually learnt to walk and then attended primary school. There he faced bullies and overcame them feeling hopeless. Now Nick visits schools across the world and inspires school students to persevere through hard times in life.

Nick Vujicic was born on the fourth of December 1982 in Melbourne Australia to his parents Boris and Dushka. When Nick was born it was a massive shock to the doctors and parents.

Dushka was very anxious about picking Nick up and sadly when they returned home from the hospital no one said, “Congratulations.” After time Nick’s parents came to love him and tried to make his life as normal as possible. After his foot operation (to spilt his two toes) Nick learnt to write, swim, skate and play sports. Later in life, Nick went to Runcorn State High School where he got awarded, head boy.

When Nick was born the doctors said he would never be able to walk or attend school, but Nick was determined to live life to its full extent.

When Nick was at school he faced daily teasing just because he was different. Until one day when he bravely told the bullies how it felt. Nick also faced the feeling of hopelessness and he couldn’t see his purpose in the world, making him feel depressed. So at the age of ten, he was tempted to drown himself but he was stopped by thinking about the pain his parents would go through.

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Nick took the challenge of being difficult but now sees his disability as a strength to help others.

Nick has used his experiences of being different to understand what others can go through in hard times. He speaks with great passion and humour, often making fun of his disability. For example, “It’s so cold I can’t feel my hands!” Nick speaks with compassion, often bringing his audience to tears.

Nick impacts thousands of people through his speaking, books and videos. Nick has a Christian faith and when he went to a nursing home, he encouraged the residents by telling them about his faith. When Nick speaks he always tries to tell people about how much he loves them and that they are special.

Nick is an inspirational man because he has courageously overcome many obstacles to become successful in life. Nick Vujicic’s passion for encouraging others is truly amazing.

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