‘Never Give Up’ Urges Successful Serial Entrepreneur

From a young age, Neil Mathew always had big dreams and enjoyed the finer things in life. It was after college he realized that he wanted to start a luxury business that inspired him to leave the medical route and launch a luxury concierge business. A start up that provided luxury forms of transportation and real estate. Two things Neil admired and very passionate about. However, Mathew says being your own boss and growing your own international brand could easily derail you and make return to the cooperate world.

Neil had to constantly work hard to maintain his brand which was being the all to go when it came to luxury services and real estate. From all the logistics to his expansion into to developing an selling real estate Neil Mathew made sure he didn’t lose sight of his business. Everything he did was calculated and well planned out.

Your parents are originally from India, was it tough after graduating and leaving your science/medical background to go after the business world?

I try to put myself in their shoes and I understand that they want safety and a steady flow of income for there children.

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It was tough the first year of business when I was just a startup and barley making any profit. As time went on my first check I got from my business I gave to my parents out of respect. Then things slowly started to pick up and they saw the work I been putting day in and day out.

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That’s when they realized I actually created something that makes me happy and then everything was history.

What Inspires You?

I may sound like a little kid but I have a huge imagination. Everything I vision I try to make it a reality by finding ways and overcoming various obstacles to reach my dream.

The action people take to achieve what they want is what inspires me the most. Everyone talks a big game and have amazing ideas, who is actually willing to execute it? When I see others going out and doing things that really motivates me.

For those entrepreneurs who are looking to start a business, but are feeling discouraged, what advice do have for them to keep going?

If you believe in your product or services wholeheartedly, you will be successful through all your mistakes and failures. I tell people it’s truly a mental game that we have to overcome through our experiences in the real world. This entails failures, overcoming difficult situations and learning from the people you meet. Just remember why you started your mission and run with it!

Updated: Feb 25, 2024
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