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This is a research based on one of the most outstanding, successful and goal orientated entrepreneurs in my Drewsland, Miss Coral Parish who own Wholesale & Retail business in my opinion is a very successful business, which has grown considerably over the years. The business is located in Drewsland in water house, approximately two one hour drive from Stony Hill to water house.

Miss Parish has portrayed in my honest opinion immaculate entrepreneurial skills, which has been the corner of their success over these years, and which will enable them to meet future challenges and goals with the Grace of god

From my research, it is clear to me that they have within their selves’ entrepreneurial skills that only can be acquired through years of experience.

This as led Miss Parish to be a groomed, calculated risk taker and a intelligent man, respectable entrepreneurs


I would like to thank first my friend for helping me and taking the time out of him busy schedule to help me to put together an accurate evaluation about Miss Parish Wholesale business.

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I would also like to thank my mother for assisting me while I was completing this evaluation, Mrs. Halyes for being so patient with me also whate and my late project for also encourage me to go an investigate the case study without much pressure, and almighty God for giving me the strength and understanding for completing this project.

Background of the Entrepreneurs

Miss. Coral June Parish was born in Kingston Jamaica on July 3, 1978 and was raised by her mother and father in the District of Water House.

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She attend the Drewsland Avenue Primary School were she spent 6 years after the 6 years she sat in the common entrance examination, where she successfully passed and was placed in a Pembroke Hall High school, and in 1992 she did six SSC which she successfully passed, while in high school she was in the Home and Family Management where see learn to cooking and baking.

Miss Parish unfortunately did not attend a university, because her parents could not afford to send her to further her study, in her live she would perform odd jobs such as working in a food store with her mother.

In the year of 1996 she then tries to open her business, which she by staring selling Bag Juice and sweets from within that moment until presently. In 1998 later on find a partner who was trying to open a grocery store, which they both collaborate and open. The grocery store started I operation with only a few food items that cost no more than fifty thousand dollars. After a few years the business developed considerably. Now they find out that the business going smoothly and is now hoping to open another business in another community within the next few months, which she said will also be successful.

that they have displayed
They both started business with only food items and saving from miss Parish account, while Mr. Atkins uses his money from which he got from his then Member of is family, Mr. Robinson not knowing whether they might stand to loose or get a gain and a profit. In which they gain and which grow into a larger business.

They started selling a few food items, which was in great demand by the members of the community not knowing whether they were going to make a profit or loss.

Miss Parish plans to open a new store after seeing the demands of the goods needed by the members of the community so Miss Parish and David Atkins then planned to open the wholesale, which is now in existence satisfying the needs and demands of the member of the community.

Miss Parish goods are mostly purchased from different enterprises, from which she purchase her snacks, baked products and juices which is delivered to the enterprise in the district of Waterhouse most the goods especially the juices are order on credit, she always try to pay off her credit in the prescribe time set by the suppliers, which they mostly give one week to pay the credit. The meats, tin foods and bag foods product such as rice, flour, sugar, cornmeal etc. items are purchase in the City of Down town Kingston She pays her employees on time and her bills whenever he receives them.

Miss. Parish was selling cooked food on weekends, while Mr. Atkins would operate small shop with is supplies when they both come together create a plan to open a grocery shop. Which was a great plan to open the grocery shop, with good encouragement form their community members, the store is now satisfying the needs and want of the community members and the business is now becoming more and more successful day after day.

They both, was confident in coming together to open the grocery shop and knowing that they were going to be successful. Their confidence was baked by positive action that was necessary for ensuring the grocery shop success.

Miss Parish and Mr. Atkins both see the opportunity to open the grocery shop to satisfy the need and wants of the community members and opening the grocery shop they would be different from the other entrepreneur in the community by becoming the first to open a grocery in the community, so the see the opportunity and seize it with great pleasure and they get a great success.

Both of the entrepreneur worked together to achieve one common goal, which is to ensure success of their business, but they do not do it by themselves, they have to persuade others who have larger grocery shop and supermarkets, to give them encouragement and give them steps to achieve there goal. The two associate they use for persuasion and networking are: Superplus food store in Pembroke hall, Master Mac Enterprise in Down Town Kingston, which are two large companies in the island of Jamaica, in their field of business for networking.

Both entrepreneur see the opportunity to satisfy the needs and want of the community members and provide a solution to satisfy the community members problem, that’s why they both come together to open up the grocery shop. So try their very best provide high quality goods and service for their customers, so they try their best in selecting the right quality and good quantity of goods and making timely purchase and ensuring that they get the right vendors.

History of the Enterprise

The entrepreneur both have strong determination to overcome all obstacle that they meet. They are willing to work until their job done well and on time.
They also try to be up-to-date with the products they sells and try to get the new products that arrive on the market so they are always trying to be competitive with larger entrepreneurs. They try to overcome all the challenges that face them each day, to try and be successful.

Good and Services the business offers

They both have a vision of where they want to go and they are trying each day to develop practical plans to reach there. Both entrepreneurs are setting clear goals and trying everything to achieve the goals to become very competitive in the grocery industry and to satisfy the need and want of there customer.

Contribution they makes to the economy

The business only started with only the basic food items like: rice, sugar, flour, cornmeal, tin foods and small amount of meat. In the first three years they make a profit of nearly $350,000 which they try and develop the business later on, which is becoming their greatest success. With that profit they expand on the business by purchasing more food products, small appliances and purchase a second container, because the business is expected to grow considerably in the coming years.

P&A Wholesale & Retail is a small business; in the district OF DREWSALND the business was establish in the latter part of the year 1996 They both use the money from their first business to purchase the container and lease the land to operate the business. Mr. Atkins also gets a donation from then the Member of is Family to purchase cement, steel paint and other items to work on the container.

Conclusion and recommendation

The business sells food items such as Biscuits, which include Butterkist (cookies), Shirley (coconut cookies), and National (vanilla, strawberry, duplex). Pastries, which include Cheese Bread, cinnamon rolls, sugar bun,
cheese crunches, double cheese, cheese curls, cheese cake, cheese trix, plantain chips, Frito-lay, cheese puffs, banana chips, corn pop, spice bun, wine cake, rum cake, bulla cake, American apples, oranges, ripe bananas, melon, plain cake, bread pudding, icing cake. The business also sells beverages such as cocoa cola, D&G soft drinks, tropical rhythms, swizzle, and small juices for the kids to carry out on trips and to school. , Lasco food drink (Strawberry, vanilla, carrot, chocolate, creamy malt), tang (mango carrot, orange, pineapple melon, cherry melon).

The business also sells alcoholic beverages such as: Red Stripe Beer, Guinness, Heineken, Red Stripe Light, over proof Rum, Appleton and an array of other alcoholic beverages. School books, pencils, pens. They recently start selling bulk syrup, which is now doing well on the market. The business also sells butchered meat such as: beef, mutton, pork, cow skin, cow foot, chicken, chicken foot, different variety of fish, turkey neck and other wide range of meat.


Both entrepreneurs sponsor community based events, such as family fun day, which is held every Boxing Day and a stage show which is held every other Saturday in the community. They provide food items, refreshments, and entertainment, for the fun day, while for the stage show; they give a donation of six crates of liquor, which will go towards the community development program.

The entrepreneurs also put on their fun day in the month of August, by providing entertainment, food and dessert for the children and a dance session for the adults in the night which is usually free. “It is great giving back to the community and help developing the community”.

They also try to help the elderly in the community, for example one of the senior’s house was destroy in hurricane Ivan, they sponsor the elder by building a one bedroom, for the elder to be comfortable and enjoy life.

I conclude that with a little patience, self-confidence and a little persistence you can open your own business.
I recommend that they register their business immediately with the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation or the Registrar Company, before furthering the business.

Stony Hill Heart Academy
Stony Hill P.O.
TEL #: 968-7488/9

Good morning/ afternoon I am Dirk Dillon a student at the Stony Hill HEART Academy, where I am pursuing a course in Data Operation as of September 4, 2007. I am gathering information in order to produce a profile of a successful entrepreneur. Would you be kind enough to allow me a few minutes while I administer a short amount of questionnaires?

1. What is your name?
2. What is the name of your business or your establishment?

3. Where is your business located?

4. What activities were you involved in while enrolled in school?

5. After school, what path did you take to better yourself?
6. Were you previously employed before becoming an entrepreneur? Yes () No ( )
If yes, please state


7. What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
8. Did you establish the business on your own or someone motivate you? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

9. What plan do you put in place to satisfy customers for quality and efficiency? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

10. Your business today is the fulfillment of your goal?
Yes No If Yes Please state ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

11. What type of leadership style do you exhibit in your organization? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

12. What new creativity (if any) did you bring to the business? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

13. What are the products and or services does the business offers to customers? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

14. Have you registered your business with the registrar of companies? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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