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Navigation Bar

People viewing the Recycle GB website wanting to navigate through its features in one accessible place.

To attract viewers to navigate through the website. To be clearly defined and user-friendly to users.

Light and dark green mixed together to emphasise to show an original environmental theme of recycling. Subtle hints of nature such as high-brightness will bring the design to life


Big enough for users to see but still compact.



Navigation buttons

To help viewers to navigate through Recycle GB’s Website.

Home; forward and backward.

Clearly defined arrows which portray original house-style. Icon to navigate back Home is user-friendly and requires one click – it also represents recycle theme (green bin) which reinforces the main aim.

Same ‘green theme’ is portrayed. Can make users think that the nature around us needs our help.

‘Next and Back’ [Same size]: ~78*93

Moderately big, user-friendly size.



Noticeable in the corner.

‘Next and Back’ [Same size]:





Advertising Banner

People searching the internet: mainly displayed on environmentalist websites for those who share an interest in the environment = more appealing.

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And general borough websites where residents would like to learn about Recycle GB’s new regulations.

To attract users to click on the link by questioning them. Different recycling methods are displayed to reinforce advertisement’s main aim. Black colour and white outline on company’s initials used for emphasis.

Generally follows the same house-style. Yellow with black outline makes advert clearly defined and can represent the colour of the yellow box.


Big. To catch the users’ attention.

24.4 KB


Program to be Used: WebPlus 10

Style: ‘Clean’

(i) Navigation Bar:

Program to be Used: WebPlus 10

Style: Drop for ‘next’ and ‘back’ buttons; Traditional for ‘Home’.

(ii) Navigation buttons:

1: 2: 3:



Both of the Forward/Backward navigation arrows are the same size.

Advertising banner





AO2 – Design

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