My Trip Was an Unplanned Roadtrip

The many people take risks to go on a road trip; some people think it’s trivial. Road journey is one of the most excited events. Road Journey is full of fun and individuals suffer through, some various experience. I was too thrilled when; I went last time with buddies on a trip and had lot of enjoyable however planning play excellent role in journey.

On the Sunday early morning, it was drizzling outdoors and I was getting bore in your home.

I called my good friend and make a plan for roadway journey. I get some snacks, some drinks and some cash from my papa pocket and my friend took his papa cars and truck without his permission. His daddy bought a brand-new automobile just two weeks prior to and it was too costly. We started our journey and en route, it was too foggy with wet roadways and our cars and truck was swinging along the road and we were taking pleasure in that thing without any doubt.

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My pal was driving the cars and truck and he was sort of scared, if anything failed everything will get mess up. After at some point, the same thing occurred with us to which we hesitated of.

My good friend looked down to alter the soundtrack for some seconds and in that moment he hit the car with truck and I shouted loudly. On that time I was feeling so odd like it’s the end of the world. Our vehicle spin on the roadway but it was our luck we control our vehicle and get back to the track without anything bad occur.

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My friend hurt his leg and I was fretted for him and his dad vehicle. We stopped the cars and truck at the nearest gasoline station and got the emergency treatment and continue to the trip with more inspiration. We took this thing as an enjoyable however the reality was that we both were worried from the deepness of heart.

This time I was driving the vehicle and I had no idea where I was going and how to get back to the house. By the time passing we were getting more anxious, and it will get night in an hour. Now we were running out of money and gas. Our car headlight was not working well and it was difficult to see in the evening. We were passing through the jungle and it was weird scenario. My pal wants me to call the moms and dads now or to go to the police headquarters. I stated him that it’s not the correct time and we were still moving. We were speaking to each other while one elephant struck our automobile and ran towards the jungle. Our automobile was completely damaged from the front and making the unusual sound.

I was full scared now and driving the car fast. We get out from the jungle and called to our parents from nearest phone booth and they got angry on us. They said that they already reported to the police station and everything will be fine. After talking to the parents, we guys sat to the car and saw the police car with loud siren which was coming toward us. I tried to escape from there but they captured us from all the sides and we got arrested. We started to crying and apologies for our mistakes but they gave us a fine and sent us back to our home with full police security. When we went to home our parents were not talking to us and they gave us punishment. I made them a promise that from now, I will never make this kind of mistake and without their permission I will never leave the home ever.

The road trip is one the exciting and fun full event ever but it can be worst without planning. Anything can be happen on the road and even people can lost their lives for their small time fun. It was my best experience with friend, I learned many good things. When we got accident and damaged the car we thanks to God that he saved our lives and took us out from a big trouble. That was our luck, we got home safely even we didn’t did any planning. Don’t go on a road trip without any planning or backup, it can harm your life and can mess up everything for whole life in less time. The most people thing planning is not important to go a road trip but reality is that planning play great role.

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My Trip Was an Unplanned Roadtrip

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