My Trip to Remember

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About this essay
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Contributing nice photographs from our class trip would be the great challenge to complete an album, which is the photomontage and part of parcel of our portfolio assignment. We planned beforehand the journey to Damai Puri Resort and came out with a list of interesting activities and equipment that we will have to bring along. Out of expectation, it was just the start of the disaster that we could never imagine. The class trip was fun, memorable, and enjoyable. The day of the trip began as usual but it was fun enough for us.

The fundamental issue of the trip was the transportation to the location. We have insufficient budget and could only rent a mini van. Then, some of us had no choice and were forced to carpool in Bryan’s car. We had a fun riding trip with some card games and singing some trending songs in the car. Then, Yasmin brought up a hot discussion topic and all of us had a really fun time debating over each other’s statement.

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Not long after that, the entrance of Damai Puri Resort is just right in front of us. Once we arrived at the destination, we immediately settle down in the hotel room. The bus riding brought us an unforgettable memories and we had enjoyed the greatest moment, chitchatting, singing pop songs and laughing together. I noticed that we were already bonded and literally grouped. We then took our first group photo on the beach. By then, we were divided into groups to play around.

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Damai is indeed a fun place for outdoor activities and the view is superb, one that we could never forget. Nevertheless, the weather was extremely hot and was unsuitable for activities on the beach. So some of us have decided to soak into the pool and just chilling around. Some other girls who were not interested to swim decided to have their girls talk under the coconut trees. The scenes were memorable. After that, it was nearly evening. We have decided to watch the sunset on the beach, it was indeed beautiful. Likewise, we enjoyed the strong wind blows, the coconut torso up, I closed my eyes and listened to the relaxing sound of sea waves. It was such an enjoyable moment.

By six o’clock, all of us were exhausted. We were already starving but it is still long to our barbeque dinner. Some of us insisted to take the early dinner at the central food court. Those who struggled starvation went there for their early dinner while the committee were busy preparing the barbecue night for the others. During the preparation of the dinner, Celine, one of the committee, shouted. Apparently, she forgot to bring the necessary equipment and we could not stick to our plan without it. The girls were complaining and conflict arose. The committees were blaming each other too.

Meanwhile, another class were also having the barbecue dinner nearby. At that moment, the smartest guys in our class, Julius came out with an idea, which was to borrow the equipment from them after their dining. Fortunately, the idea worked really well. Although the barbecue became our supper but we still enjoy of it. To sum up the trip experiences, I would use the words: memorable, unforgettable and fun! However, our group leader was pretty upset about the conflicts. There are always ups and downs in our life and I hope she is no longer grieving, I also hope that we will have another trip together and I will definitely volunteer to be the leader to bring up the joy to everyone.

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