My Thoughts About Hw Aging of the Fruit is Effectively Connected With Human Aging

Aging Fruit Isha Patel GWL 147 Michele Green February 3, 2019 Aging Fruit In this journal, I am going to portray my aging fruit, how it ages and all thenoteworthy changes in its characteristics with respect to time. Also, I will express my feelings for the fruit over the weeks and how I dealt with it. Moreover, this blog further will include the description of the fruit and comparison of the same with regards to the human body and its aging process.

Week: 1 I have got a healthy, fresh and shinning apple for my journal and I have named her Bella.

She is red and bright, with tiny lenticels on her skin. For the few days Bella was placed in room temperature inside my kitchen on the fridge and there she maintained her fresh and bright look. I think she likes to stay at room temperature. She looks like a healthy human body with a normal range of haemoglobin and disease free. Apples are rich in anti-oxidants, flavonoids, and dietary fiber.

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They are really helpful in reducing the threat of developing diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and cancer Etc. same goes for Bella. For example, she can fight as she is young, immune herself after fighting with diseases and surroundings same as a human body does.

Week 2: Bella didn’t change. She maintained her look same as the first week. Little much I noticed was her texture. The skin was getting dull and dry. So I placed her outside the house, in snow. After couple of days when I saw she turned into a stone.

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So rigid and rock like strong. I think she hates cold and snow.

Week 3: On week three, I have changed the habitant of Bella. I moved her in basement of my house that too nearby heat supplier. The other day, it was totally changed. Bella lost here fruity smell and initiated extra ripening. My fruit became dark, dull and pigmented. She was tender, loose and sensitive at the same time. At the end of the week, my fruit started to give a pungent smell.

Week 4: I wish Bella would be glossy and fresh as it was in the commencement. There can be a rational association between an apple and the human body at this point. Alike human body the fruits plants, also respire; they grow and they die so they age. On week 4, Bella appeared as she was losing her breath and about to go in coma. She was shrinked and lost her juicy nature. She was no more edible.

Week 5: I think now I cannot bear Bella anymore inside my room. Her pungent smell has been increased. Now I can observe some patches and discharge of ripen pulp from a crack. At the end of the week, I’m over with it, and that I set to garbage the apple though it absolutely was unfair to discard. I feel it can’t be in my area anymore; otherwise, I would faint, and that I disposed of the fruit.

I feel the aging of the fruit is effectively connected with human aging; they go through physical, mental, emotional, and social changes in folks throughout the life time and so does the fruit. Additionally, I can say that the process of growing old is the life-long process, after the observations and the critical analysis of the fruit, my aging apple. Unless we are old and experiencing the same way the elderly are at present, we cannot fully understand aging. Furthermore, in the way that I felt the fruit is old enough to be thrown away by the fresher version; as well, young adults also ignore the elderly and they realize that older people are the burden of society.

I accept this stereotypical view, but I also accept the need for corrective action. Finally, I can compare the fruit with the elderly in particular. The sparkling, dark pigmentation, slender skin and pungent smell began to be shown to the fruit. Fruit As people age, there are physical changes in the body system, such as wrinkling of the face, dry skin, lack of skin texture, facial and neck stitches, sluggishness and impaired gait and posture, which indicate they are weak and in their final stages. However, functional changes may also affect their day-to-day activities live. It is pretty for me to grow old; to be born, to learn, to grow, to mature and to finally age and become real before death; these are days when old age people want emotional and psychological support in anticipation towards the serene life. 

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