My internship experience


My internship gave me the opportunity to work on various projects which permitted me to apply my knowledge as well as get an experience of how the industry works.

The various projects undertaken during these 45 days of internship :-

  • Ensemble and other stores
  • Design development sheets
  • Procurement of fabric


  • CREO lifestyle
  • Procurement of fabric
  • Production
  • Jabong
  • products assembling
  • Taking pictures with style codes
  • Store production
  • Fabric procurement
  • Production
  • Dealing with the celebrity stylists
  • Born ali stylist
  • Ayesha dasgupta
  • Chintan shah
  • Daisy shah (esha amin)
  • Etisha kothari (esha amin )
  • Saloni mehta (esha amin )
  • Sayali vidya

Nirali mehta ..etc. For the celebrities like amy jackson ,chitrangda singh, hina khan,zarine khan ,gauhar khan , parineeti chopra etc.

Collaborated with different stores in different cities

  • Aza (Mumbai, Delhi )
  • Atosa
  • Amaara
  • Collage (chennai , bangalore )
  • Aura
  • Anhaita
  • Agashe


In my work span in the industry I worked in different fields from designing to merchandising, designing posters, creating posts , handling social media promotions , production , planning , sourcing , handling customers and quality control department .

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For them , I prepared design sheets according to the customers requirements . I come across the process of custom made clothes designing , customers give their briefs and then accordingly we have to design while keeping their body shape and requirements in mind.

While working with them Sumanya ma’am (assistant designer) guided me in creating a balance between creativity and business keeping forecaste of AW2019 , as it is also a online retail brand in which we have to keep in mind its new trends , aesthetics , accessibility , costing , and functioning .

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The designs can’t be too complicated , as it has to be taken to mass production.

Then I worked with the production plan team , there I made production plans for cutting , stitching and daily work of workers.

I was asked to manage the work undertaken , record everything , material cost, time taken and material used , to get the estimate of the money spend in production.

I was made incharge of the social sites like facebook, official website, instagram accounts etc. I use to make posts using different softwares like photoshop, coreldraw, wondershare filmora , illustrator , etc . As the promotion of brand is important, I did most of what I can do for the brand.

I created moodboards, sketches and samples for them.

Lastly I worked with quality control and packaging team, there I learnt about the minor to major defects that can ruin brands image , I did training under them and realized that keeping a check at every step of the garment construction so important for a great result. In packaging and dispatching department I observed and learnt the tricks and detailing and the importance of the last step , because if the garment is over or under pressed , its inner finishing , fitting is not accurate then the whole process of idea to construction is invain.


The most noteworthy achievement of my training period was to confront the are out of my comfort zone, to work and achieve that inner happiness of fulfillment of my growth as a designer, I struggled, I learnt and saw myself as budding into new but a better person. From aspiring fashion design student to as a assistant designer , as a intern , in this journey I learnt a lot of lessons to be taken care of in my career ahead .

Thanking Note

I am very thankful to (Name) for giving me her valuable time and knowledge which was very helpful in completion of our project report and in improving our skills.

And also thankful to (Name), assistant designers at Swatee Singh for giving me time and information about their company.

And a special thanks to (Name) ma’am for giving me this opportunity .

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My internship experience

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