Narrative Report About Internship Experience

Trainees in Conguild recommend students to take an opportunity to be an intern in the said company. Not only knowledge about technology the students will gain in Comguild. The company has different departments where trainees exercise their expertise in different field. Herein includes the Comguild Production, Webmaker, Verdict Detective and Security Forces. Trainees can also enhance their ability performing in accounting, marketing, and in communication.

In terms of the policy of the company, trainees should know how to follow rules and regulations.

Good attitude is one of the qualities that the employer needed to many employees. Trainee should also know how to deal with other people. Though people have their different attitude, good communication to others is very important. Trainees also recommend in giving important to the required hours needed to complete the internship. As long as possible avoid late and absences. Early office hour is an advantage to easily accomplish the required task given by the OJT Supervisor.

Internship inside or outside the campus is the student’s choice.

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Trainees have to consider what company suites their knowledge and skills. It is very important to know what you really want to have success in life.


Comguild Center for Journalism is a company where trainees develop their knowledge and skills in the area of technology, accounting, communication and many more.
The company develops the potential of the trainees in different field. In the whole internship helps trainees to be more productive, independent and mature enough.

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It is an advantage for them to become ready in the real world of working industry.

Availability and Appropriateness of Facilities, Equipment, Tools and Machinery

The company of Comguild Center for Journalism provides good office place for the employees and interns for internship. Each of them has their own area to do their individual tasks. The company also has enough equipment, tools and machinery to provide the needed materials and other things needed by the employees of the company.

 Company Cooperation Personnel

People working in the company of Comguild are very professional. They take working seriously. But behind that serious attitude of them, you can learn to know them more as you stay longer in the company. OJT supervisors of Comguild are very friendly and easy to approach. They are willing to teach when some of the trainees find some requirements difficult. Having a good relationship to the people inside the company is a bonus.


Interns are needed to complete the required 600 hours of training for the IT-PRACTICUM. In the 600 hours, trainees should be able to comply all the requirements needed given by the company. They should be able to work that not depending to others. They have to work independently.

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Narrative Report About Internship Experience
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