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My Favourite Singer

Categories: Singer

Practically no one, except for Edward Christopher Sheeran, or as most people would know him by, Ed Sheeran. When most people think of a role model nowadays, they think of people like Ellen DeGeneres or Barrack Obama. But when I think of a role model, I think of Ed Sheeran. His background is incredible. He was born in a small town called Halifax in England and moved to another small town called Framlingham where he raised and learned music. After recording his first few EPs there, he moved to London in 2008 to play gigs starting off in small venues and for sometimes as little as 5 people.

After playing more and more gigs as the years passed, he left his old management company and moved to Los Angeles in 2010. He played open mic nights all over the city until his talent was spotted by Jamie Foxx, who was so impressed that he offered Sheeran the use of his recording studio and the run of his Hollywood home for the rest of his stay.

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Throughout 2010, Ed began to be seen by more and more people all over the world on the internet through Youtube, including The Independent newspaper and Sir Elton John.

After releasing 3 more independently released EPs, including one that reached number 2 in the iTunes chart without any promotion or label, Ed was signed to Asylum/Atlantic Records. 6 weeks after appearing on TV to perform his debut single “The A Team”, it was released as a digital download in the UK and entered the UK Singles Chart at number three.

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Ed’s debut album “+” was released on 12 September 2011 and debuted number one on the UK Albums Chart. Since then, Ed has won awards like Best British Male and British Breakthrough at the Brit Awards.

Sir Elton John, who runs Sheeran’s management company, canvassed the Grammy Award organizers to get Ed a performance but was told he was not high-profile enough. John decided to appear with Sheeran to circumvent this problem. Ed Sheeran in an interview said: “I got a call from Elton being like, ‘I couldn’t get you a solo slot, but would you mind playing with me? ’” From March to September 2013, Ed is scheduled to play 64 dates at arenas and stadiums across North America as the opening act for Taylor Swift’s Red Tour.

I will be seeing him in concert in June and I am so excited because, as previously stated, this man is my role model. He is a young, hard-working and soulful singer that doesn’t care what other people think about him. In 2012, he was named as the worst dressed man by GQ magazine. This didn’t faze him at all as he stated in a tweet “Named Number One worst dressed male in GQ, glad they noticed”. This is just an example of how down-to-earth and honest he is, which makes him a perfect example of a good role-model.

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