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My Experience with Education

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (816 words)
Categories: Career, Education, Experience, Occupations, Psychology, School, Teacher
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My thirst for education has remained constant ever since I was a little kid. As a young person, I was constantly curious, asking questions whenever I came across something that I did not know of and exploring different things to get a better understanding of my environment. It was common to find me in a bad mood, especially in the morning when I saw other children in my neighborhood making their way to school, envious of the fact that they can go to school while I was confined at home for being too young for formal education.

I could not wait to start my academic journey, because as I had heard from many people, it held the key to success. Eventually, I was able to start formal education. The experiences that have stood out throughout my educational life were when I was taught to write by my parents and the various ways that both formal and informal education has been instrumental in my development.

Since the moment I stepped into a class, I fell in love with education and learning in general. The opportunity to mingle and interact with other students from different backgrounds gave me a chance to view life from different perspectives. I was awakened to the fact that people come from different backgrounds, some of whom are well off while others struggle to make ends meet. I could also note that people exhibit different behaviors depending on how they are brought up at home. With all the differences that were visible among my fellow students, one thing stood out as the uniting factor; education. Education made everyone equal, despite their backgrounds or places of origin. Through school, every student took the same tests and attended the same classes. I still vividly remember the first time that I was taught how to write. It was before I was even old enough to be able to attend school. My parents helped me to prepare me for a lifelong educational journey that I was about to embark on. I still remember, as a young kid, seated between my parents while they tried to coach me on how to write different numbers and the letters of the alphabet. Though it seemed like an impossible task, I was soon able to write on my own. The step taken by parents to teach me how to write at an early age was significant to my educational life. Since that moment, I developed a positive attitude towards education due to the value that I saw my parents attach to it. I also joined school while I was already versed with what I was supposed to be taught and it gave me an upper hand regarding understanding what was being taught. From my experience, it is clear that the support and attention given to students at an early age goes a long way in improving their educational journey.

Apart from formal education, informal education has also played an important role in my life. Since my childhood, I have been able to rely on informal education to help me understand several concepts that cannot be taught in school. Through informal education, I was able to learn the differences between good and bad, without necessarily being told by my teachers. I was also able to gain other important life skills such as interpersonal relations. Despite the focus that most people have put on formal education, informal education also has its benefits, and it is essential in the development of any individual. Through informal education, people can learn that which they desire because it is not as structured as formal education. Informal education gives students the freedom to choose what they would like to study, unlike formal education where there are a limited number of subjects from which a person is allowed to choose from. Students also tend to grasp things faster when it comes to informal education because there is no pressure associated with it and the fact that students study with passion what they desire to understand. Even though formal education is the most commonly used form of learning, it is vital for informal education to be given focus due to the different advantages that it presents. By combining both informal and formal education, it is possible to create an all-rounded student.

My experience with education started while I was a young kid, barely old enough to attend school. The fact that my parents paid close attention to my development made me develop a strong educational foundation. My first learning experience was with my parents when they taught me how to write. From that moment onwards, I developed a positive attitude towards education mainly because I saw the value that my parents placed on it. Different experiences in my life have also demonstrated that informal education is also as important as formal education and they should be given equal attention in regards to child development.

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