Betrayal, Sanctuary, and Self-Discovery: A Saturday Journey

It was one of those Saturdays when the wind carried laughter and joy from the neighboring pastures, where friends played chase with younger kids. Meanwhile, I found myself confined to the sizzling solitude of my bedroom, diligently working on a random body part project. The allure of the windy park, adorned with leaves in hues of yellow, orange, and red, teased me from beyond my window. The desire to join my friends was palpable, yet the burden of my ongoing task kept me tethered to my workspace.

I pondered the idea of seeking a day off from my project, a notion promptly dismissed knowing my mother's disapproval. A glance at my friends, their smiles and giggles echoing through my closed door, intensified my longing. However, duty called, and with a sigh, I resolved to complete my task before the much-anticipated brunch break.

Discovery of Gossip

With hands stained red from relentless writing and a nagging cold, I dragged myself downstairs to the kitchen.

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To my surprise, the usual chatter and camaraderie at the dining table were replaced by an unusual silence. My best friends, along with some pesky younger kids, sat there, unusually quiet. Unfazed, I claimed a spot on a couch bed, ready for a moment of respite.

My mother, sensing the somber mood, brought a jug of orange juice and a plate of chocolate chip cookies. As I settled in for some afternoon television, an odd atmosphere permeated the room. Whispers, not laughter, filled the air. Curiosity piqued, I strained to eavesdrop without appearing rude.

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Something stirred in my mind—were they talking about me? The growing buzz hinted at girly gossip, with fragments of conversations reaching my ears.

"Didn’t you hear? Thomas has a crush on Sohnjah!"

"Don’t be ridiculous! He would never have such a crush on the watching TV girl there!"

"I bet Sohnjah is gonna be embarrassed! She looks real easy to blush!"

"Hate to admit it, but I think she likes him too! What a great couple they make!"

"It will be a great wedding, for the two of them!"

The revelation hit me like a tidal wave. My friends, including Mihindie and Nicky, were part of spreading a secret about me, and they hadn't bothered to inform me. Frustration and hurt welled up inside me, leading to a swift retreat to my mother's room, where Dad offered gentle solace. Silent tears streamed down my face as I grappled with the unknown secret, its origin, and the betrayal by those closest to me.

I had spent countless hours with Nicky and Mihindie, even sharing moments at band practice, yet they chose to keep this secret. Clutching a photo of us at the zoo, I spat figuratively at their smiling faces, wrestling with my emotions alongside my parents. It became apparent that my own fussy and uncontrollable nature might have contributed to this secrecy. Vowing to control my temper, I emerged from the emotional storm with a newfound resolution.

My Secret Hideaway

Reflecting on the tumultuous events, I found myself yearning for a sanctuary. A place far from the prying eyes and whispers—a refuge where I could escape the chaos that surrounded me. Little did I know, my solace lay in an unexpected haven, my secret hideaway nestled 3km deep in the jungle behind my home.

Every visit to my therapeutic retreat commenced in the morning. Armed with bottles of water, some food, books, and essentials like a machete and torchlight, I embarked on a journey through the crisp and invigorating air of the jungle. The dense canopy above created a mysterious ambiance, occasionally pierced by beams of sunlight. It was a mesmerizing path, a stark contrast to the emotional turmoil I left behind.

Arriving at the exalted hut, partially veiled by wild creepers, I felt a surge of energy. Opening the door released a symphony of wildlife—squirrels scampering, snakes slithering, and birds flapping. The interior, adorned with a mat, an old cupboard, and abandoned cooking utensils, became my sanctuary. While Spartan, it radiated a unique charm.

Outside the hut, I found my release. The stream nearby offered a refreshing escape on hot days. Shedding my clothes, I immersed myself in its cool waters, distancing myself from the academic stress that often plagued my thoughts. Perched on a rock under a shady tree, drowsiness lulled me into momentary oblivion. The hut and its surroundings became my inviolable sanctuary, a realm where I could scream, howl, and let go of the pent-up tension accumulated throughout the week.

Yet, even in this haven, I maintained a possessive stance. Once, hearing muffled voices approaching, I armed myself with a stick, ready to defend my private retreat. The voices faded, and my realm remained untouched. As evening descended, birds calling home marked the time to bid adieu to my hideaway. The lengthening shadows signaled not just the end of a therapeutic journey but a return to the world, refreshed, de-stressed, and suffused with tranquility.


My Saturdays, once tainted with the bitterness of betrayal, now found a balance between the emotional rollercoaster of friendships and the solace of a secret hideaway. Each chapter of this tale—filled with laughter, gossip, tears, and tranquility—contributed to the complex tapestry of my life. As the sun set on the day, I emerged stronger, ready to face the world with a newfound resilience born from the interplay of emotions and the sanctuary found deep within the jungle.

Written by Liam Williams
Updated: Jan 18, 2024
Keep in mind: this is only a sample!
Updated: Jan 18, 2024
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