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The music pieces that have interested me and that I have enjoyed for this assignment is Holiday: Billie’s Blues and All Eyez on Me by Tupac Shakur. Between these two pieces of music, there are many differences and a bit of similarity. All Eyez on Me is a piece written and sung known as one or even the greatest rapper of all time, Tupac Shakur. It’s hard to argue against anyone that says that as he accomplished so much at a young age, his resume speaks for itself.

On the other side Billie Holiday is also considered one of the best jazz vocalist of all time, each artist are highly skilled at their craft.

To start off with some differences, just from listening to it for the first time you can tell the different genres of the two pieces, If someone just heard All Eyez on Me you would be able to tell anyone that the genre is hip-hop.

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Same can be said about Billie’s Blues, if someone listens to this piece you would be able to state that the genre is jazz. Another difference between the pieces can be the tempo (speed) of the music. In Billie’s Blue the tempo of this piece is moderately slow, on the other hand, All Eyez on Me is frequently fast-paced throughout the whole piece. Adding to the difference between the two pieces, there is a different message being said in the music. In All Eyez on Me, the message that Tupac Shakur was trying to convey was his unapologetic celebration of living the thug life.

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Also in the music piece there is some remembrances about his past and present friends. Even though these pieces are widely different form one another there are also some similarities between the two pieces. The first similarities can be the experience of music between the two artist, like I said before the talent amongst this two artist are remarkable. Another similarity is the small performing forces between the pieces. From what I can hear in All Eyez on Me there is only the percussion, some sort of a piano, and the vocal. In Billie’s Blue there is the vocal, with trumpet, clarinet, piano, guitar, string bass, and drums. I feel like when they’re a lot of instruments in playing behind the vocal it messes to much with the music.

The final similarity between the pieces is the impact that these two songs have had in the music world and how the pieces have shaped the future of how people write and sing music. I haven’t seen any sort of relationship between the pieces before, as they are both completely in different genres. Before beginning Music Appreciation I have never heard any of these pieces before. The only music piece that I have heard was The Imperial March which is known as the Darth Vader theme song, but after listening to both pieces more carefully and using what I have learned in class, I saw the connection between the two.

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