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Multiculturalism in the Workplace

Sometimes when opinions of co-workers are in conflict with the opinion of the other individual, arguments arises within the workplace, however, it can be easily be solved if it is properly handled. Being the leader, the researcher, see to it that all of the members’ opinions are get and they will weigh things out. Majorities’ decisions are the ones they follow. Moreover, in a workplace one should separate personal grudges and set aside selfish acts against co-workers, it is important that the welfare of the company should be given importance since it will affect the productivity of the company.

Sometimes her friends try to influence her and suggest that she should wear something that is fashionable and trendy however, being a Muslim it is not allowed and female should dress and behave modestly. “Muslim women should act and dress in a way that it does not draw sexual attention to her in the presence of someone of the opposite sex. According to their traditions, it is required that everything beside the face and hands should be covered and some requires all but the eyes to be covered by using garments such as chadors or burgas” (Kauzar, 2007).

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Within the company that the researcher is currently working at, all of them including her co-workers work towards the same goal of satisfying their clients’ needs. Each of the workers performs a different task. Being the leader in their workplace it is her responsibility to instruct and give orders to her subordinates, and whenever they encounter conflicts they try to coordinate with other workers and talk about the particular problem and solve it as a team since in a group, they believe that it is important to consider the opinion of each members in decision making in order to succeed.

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According to Takeuchi and Duriau (2000) an elaborate as well as well-orchestrated interactions, among group members are required in a coordinative task. This is also true in the case of female friends group, whenever one of the member of the group encountered conflicts she ask the opinion of her other friends especially those, who are more knowledgeable or have experienced the same problem. An individual try to seek help from her other friends. Among the researchers’ circle of friends, not all of them are Muslims. They have differences in characters and beliefs.

Being a Muslim in a female group, even though they differ in religious beliefs, the way they dress or act, they respect each other, and they treat each other as equal. Each has a different job and few are jobless and prefer to be a plain housewife. However, this does not interfere with their friendship, and discrimination, is far from their group. As part of their bonding time, they make it a point to see each other when they have free time prepare some food wherein they can share and talk about anything and everything under the sun. If ever one encounters problems, they can easily solve it, since everyone reaches out to help each other.

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