Moral Principles and the Workplace

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My Personal Principles and Values

I have several values and principles, similar to many others that I follow. Honesty is important to me. Even in uncomfortable situations I’ve found that it’s always better to be honest. Morally, being honest is important because it can influence decision making (Zollo, Pellegrini, & Ciappei 2017). I am against cheating, not only in relationships but also in daily life tasks. Another principle that I have is to just be generally nice. Whether it’s during work or driving, it’s important for me to always be nice and to brush off negative energy because you never know what someone else is going through.

These values are fairly popular principles shared by most of the population.

There are other principles that I have that seem to not be as popular among others. Punctuality is a major principle for me in the workplace. It is very important for me to always arrive at work early. It makes it easier for other people at work and gets me started on the day.

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It bothers me significantly when other people are not so punctual, especially when it affects me directly. Self-Control is also valuable to me. I pride myself in generally always keeping my emotions under control. It takes a lot to bother me at work and I’m rarely emotionally affected by typical workplace issues.

I believe that morals are primarily formed based on an individual’s environment. My own were absolutely formed based on life experiences and the environment in which I worked.

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Being in the military built my punctuality and my ability to maintain self-control in varying situations. Honesty has been built throughout the years from personal experiences. Being nice and not cheating in life situations was built during times where I’ve experience hate and those cheating to get ahead and also suffering consequences when I was the perpetrator.

Morals in an Organization

Some of these examples of morals don’t immediately seem like they would affect the workplace, but they can be detrimental to the environment (Zollo, Pellegrini, & Ciappei 2017). In my current organization and work culture, my morals align fairly well and help me perform my job at a high level of success. Honesty is important in the workplace because a team does not operate well when there is a lack of trust. Sometimes I make mistakes and my mistakes can cost the dealer anywhere from $50 to $5,000. When I make a mistake I don’t try to blame a technician or service advisor. I let my service manager know what happened. This has built a strong relationship between myself and my service manager. I can now attend regional meetings in place of my service manager because we have reached a high level of trust.

As simple as being nice sounds, it has a strong impact in developing respect from team members (Zollo, Pellegrini, & Ciappei 2017). This works well in my organization because we are a small dealer. When I first began my job I had push back from technicians. I receive a lot of attitude and I dealt with it through being nice and ignoring the attitude. I now have a very strong working relationship with my technicians and service advisors. This has led to a stronger team and respect among coworkers. It also helps me be more effective at my job. When I have people eon my team that respect me, they get what I ask done efficiently and accurately.

Punctuality doesn’t necessary align with my organization, because it seems that automotive employees tend to always be late, but it has helped me. It has been advantageous for me to stand out from other employees by showing up on time and being reliable. It has helped me get the position I am currently in and although my work load is heavy, it has helped me gain valuable responsibilities. I watch other employees come in late and their productivity seems subpar. Punctuality has helped me gain a competitive edge among employees and lets the employer know that their time is valuable to me.

Conflicting Principles and Values

Working in warranty attracts many situations where my values are questioned. One time my General Manager wanted me to re-certify a vehicle without having a technician inspect it. I originally ignored the request in hopes that it wouldn’t be brought up again, but it was brought up a month later. Although a high level manager confronted me with this situation, I still faced it and stood up for my values by saying no. My salary is significantly lower than the general manager, so it was easy for me to say no because the consequences that come with an action like this was absolutely not worth it. Based on my personal experience I am also not afraid to lose a job if it’s for the right reasons. In the instance that I disagreed with someone whose values were different than mine but still ethical, it would be a different scenario.

Depending on the value questioned, I am willing to compromise in order to recognize someone else’s values that are important to them. It is inevitable that someone will have conflicting values with someone else (Hoffmaster & Hooker, 2017). Outside of work it’s easy to avoid the issue. However, in the work environment, sometimes someone needs to compromise. Compromising values doesn’t always have to be negative. It’s important to know when and where to stand your ground.

There have been moments where I have compromised my own values due to a reaction to someone else. There are times that my service manager asks me to push certain claims through that I know for a fact aren’t warrantable. My long-term goal is to work for corporate, so I never want to submit things to corporate that make me appear stupid or incompetent. Many times I will lie and say that I submitted it and warranty denied it. I understand this can be considered morally unacceptable. The only time I compromise my honesty is when I know for a fact that something is not warranty and when the item to submit is morally questionable to begin with. This is an example of compromising my own value of being honest in order to salvage another value, which is to remain professional. I am loyal to the brand, not my dealer. At times a person may have conflicting values and it is important to determine which value is worth upholding (Hoffmaster & Hooker, 2017).


Everyone has their own value system. It’s surprising, when compared, how different people are in terms of what they believe to be morally acceptable when it comes to principles and values. Moral principles can vary based on cultural environment and personal experiences (Daum, n.d.). Despite how strongly we stick to committing to our values, there will be times where we compromise our own values to respect the values of others. Also, it’s possible to compromise one of our values to commit to another one. It’s important to understand that everyone’s moral principles are different and to work for a company that supports your values.


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